Throwing a glamorous wedding event will take a lot of thinking and meticulous planning, which is why you need to pay special attention to all the details if you want your big day to go perfectly. From choosing the right venue to knowing how you want to decorate it, there’s plenty for you to do until you can walk down the aisle and exchange vows with your future spouse. Therefore, if you need a few extra tips on how to make your wedding worthy of Hollywood glam, we’ve got a few tips up our sleeve.

Colour palette

Even if you don’t have tons of money to spend on your nuptials, you can fool everyone into thinking you’ve spent a fortune if you only pick the right colour palette. White is the epitome of elegance and luxury, so making it a central part of your wedding will help you create the ultimate glamorous wedding. Adding a bit of gold to the timeless white will add just enough sophisticated vibe without looking tacky or too sparkly. For a black-tie feel, think about mixing in black and white details into your main colour palette. Throwing in a touch of red will add a dose of dramatic vibe while also warming the body and stimulating the mind. If you want the wedding to look glamorous but a bit bold as well, feel free to make the colour of passion, fire, and romance a part of your big day.

Flower arrangements

Flower arrangements really add a dose of sophistication to the entire event, so if you’re a flower lover, start thinking about your favourite blooms. The best way to plan a glam wedding is to look up to many celebrities who don’t mind spending an obscene amount of money on their floral arrangements. You want a romantic vibe while you’re walking down the aisle? No problem, just have rose petals along the way. Centrepieces featuring cascading blooms or placing huge floral walls all over the venue will create a dreamlike setting making your big day a true fairy tale. To follow your white colour palette, think about going big as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s did, and include a glorious floral wall comprised of white roses, white peonies and gardenias into your big day, creating both a lovely décor and a fabulous photo backdrop.

The choice of venue

Weddings are all about location, so the most important item on the planning list is the venue. Elegant ballrooms, ancient castles, or maybe waterfront restaurants with mesmerizing views – they all scream glam. Having a destination wedding is also a good way to add some glam to the entire event, so why not travel abroad for your nuptials? Australia has some of the most majestic waterfront venues, so think about tying the knot in the Land Down Under. If you want your big day to be near water, a waterfront restaurant in Sydney is a great option. A spectacular view over the ocean and a romantic sunset will create just the wonderful backdrop for your wedding photos and create a glorious setting for everyone to enjoy.


The final touch comes with the décor, and you cannot have a glam wedding without some glitz and sparkle. Black and white balloons all over the floor as well as hung up on the walls and the ceiling will add a certain dose of poise and elegance to the venue. Pastel pink, gold, or silver balloons will create the same effect. Serving champagne and making gold a part of your centrepiece decoration or having gold bows for chair decoration is certainly something to consider as well for your glamorous wedding. Hanging string lights around the venue, or even making them light up the centrepieces, is all you need for a luxe feel. Lanterns will add instant charm and make your wedding look truly lux, so think about including romantic lighting into your décor as well. Romantic candelabras draped in crystal will also look quite lux as a part of décor.

Hire a professional

Finally, one of the best tricks to plan a luxurious wedding is to have a wedding planner organise it for you. They do know best after all, and with your guidance and ideas, they’ll make your big day truly wonderful. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you think you won’t be able to take care of all the orders, booking and shopping in time, so let the professionals take a huge load off your back and get everything done fabulously and in a timely fashion.

Final thoughts

Planning a glamorous wedding will be time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming, but if you know what you want and how to make the most of your big day, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Make sure you follow some of the aforementioned tips and you’ll have the most luxurious wedding ever.