If you are still rather new to using CBD or maybe you have been using the products a while and you have come to realize that there are many types of CBD products. You often see something when you go to purchase that may make you question the product you are buying and wonder if there is a difference between each one, it can be about the mg and dosage or something like full spectrum and isolate on the package. To properly compare what these two types of CBD oil drops are and what they can do for you when it comes to benefits we need to see the difference between them.

What is Isolate?

CBD Isolate is the most basic form. This is pure isolated CBD and contains no other cannibinoids when extracted from the plant. CBD is one of many types of cannibinoids that cannabis plants have and many CBD oils contain these other cannibinoids as well. Each type of cannibinoids has difference effects on the body; some feel that having more cannibinoids combined in their CBD oil strengthens their product and its effects on the body.

What is Full Spectrum?

Full spectrum CBD oil contains many types of cannibinoids in the oil. When these are extracted from the cannabis plant the entire extract is used. Depending on the cannabis plant that is used to gain CBD this could be an issue depending on legalization of marijuana in your location. While Hemp CBD oil is legal in all states marijuana CBD may contain traces of THC which is the main reason some states have not legalized marijuana usage.

Which one should be used?

The question of which product a person should purchase is buyer’s opinion, or if you have purchased both it would be worth giving each a try and see which the best is for you. More people believe now that Full Spectrum CBD oil is better as it consists of more cannibinoids and each on effects different areas of the body which can create more beneficial effects. It used to be considered that Isolated CBD was the way to go due to it only having the CBD cannabinoids and because of the known benefits of CBD alone.

Isolate is best for?

Isolate is best for people who know that their symptoms will be alleviated directly from the cannabinoid CBD. It is also best for those who may have a worry of THC, which is unlikely to be an issue as most CBD is extracted from hemp plants if sold in state where Marijuana is Illegal. If it is a concern in state where marijuana is legal packaging should also mention if the CBD is derived from hemp or marijuana which can also help with decided if Isolate is best. If using for cooking CBD isolate is also best due to the lighter flavor it offers.

Full Spectrum is best for?

Full Spectrum is best for those who want to get the most out of their CBD experience. Full spectrum has many cannibinoids in the extract which can also help symptoms throughout the body you may not even realize you have.



There is not right or wrong answer on whether Isolate or Full spectrum is better, it is user preference which NanocraftCBD.com Oils to choose. Sometimes it can be decided by reading up and knowing what you are after, sometimes it can be due to the cannabis plant used that helps with the deciding factor. The best way to find out which is best for each individual is to simply try and see what works best for you.