There’s no question about the benefits that you’ll enjoy when you’ve decided to have dental implant surgery done.

Most people are hesitant before taking this step, as they have questions and concerns about what the surgery entailed. Here we provide you with the answers to the most common questions asked about the procedures.

1. Is The Surgery Painful?

When choosing a professional and experienced cosmetic and restorative dental facility, they will go the extra mile to provide you with an experience that is most comfortable and with as little pain as possible.

There are two options for pain relief that can be considered, namely local anaesthesia and IV sedation. Both are recommended when it comes to pain relief and less discomfort.

2. Will The Implants Look Different From My Natural Teeth?

One of the most significant benefits you’ll be enjoying when considering dental implant surgery is that they look entirely natural. The implants are joined to the jaw bone in between the natural teeth, and after the healing period, you’ll have the same functions than brushing teeth, chewing, flossing and smiling that you had pre-surgery. The specialized team will ensure that your prosthetic teeth have the same size, shape and colour than your natural teeth.

3. Will I Be Able To Get Implants Despite Bad Oral Health?

Despite having bad oral health due to factors like age, you can still have safe dental implant surgery performed with great success. In fact, having dental implantations might just be your best option.

If you have any major concerns related to these procedures, read FAQs here.

No matter how complex your dental needs are, your best option is to book a free consultation with a reputable dental facility that specialises in cosmetic and restorative dental issues to see if they can provide you with the care you need.

4. How Long Is The Recovery Period?

The post-surgery recovery time differs from person to person. Most patients ‘recovery time is within a few weeks or months and is ready for the prosthetics to be fitted. You may experience swelling and soreness post-surgery, but a dedicated team will guide you step by step about what to expect in advance.

5. Can I Bring Someone With For Support?

It is a great idea to bring a friend or relative with on the day of the treatment, as they can help you feel less anxious.

6. How Long Does The Treatment Take?

On the day of the treatment, you’ll be put under sedation or anaesthesia depending on which option you chose. The procedure will be performed after which you’ll be taken to a recovery room while the sedation or anaesthesia wears off.

You’ll be fitted with temporary teeth and return within a few months after the healing period where you’ll have your permanent prosthetics fitted. The treatment itself takes one day, and you’ll be discharged the same day.


Dental implants act as your original teeth’s root’s replacement, and the implants are fitted to the jaw after which the cells from the jaw fuses with the artificial implants to the bone, ensuring a stable foundation to keep the prosthetic teeth in place.

When dental implants are maintained and well looked after, they can be kept in place for life, making these procedures highly recommended and long-term investment to give you your smile back.