Who wants to make cleaning harder than it already is? Nobody. Even clean freaks would rather spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying their neat and tidy homes.

Whether it’s the daily upkeep of counters and floors or deep cleaning before entertaining or hosting visitors, we’ve got four ways to clean your home effectively with less time and effort.

Double-Duty Home Appliances

If you’re routinely using a broom, mop and vacuum for floor cleaning and carpet cleaning, we’re about to blow your mind! Check out some of the best wet dry vacuums on the market for faster floor cleaning and carpet cleaning with less effort.

Great quality wet dry vacuums do the job of a mop and broom with powerful suction for effective floor and upholstery cleaning. With just your vacuum, hot water, and cleaning solution, you can remove stains from area rugs, pick up dry messes and clean wet spills around the home.

As for how to find a vacuum cleaner that’s right for you? Start with reviews of wet dry vacuums, and be sure to consider the size and type of carpets and floors you are cleaning to select the best vacuum cleaner for your needs.

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solution

The household aisle at the grocery store is lined with cleaning products that promise to make our floors and countertops sparkle. Some are great for glass and mirrors while others best for grimy tiles or toilets.

With a different product for every surface and area of the home, our supply cupboards and utility closets can easily become cluttered with unnecessary solutions and spray bottles.

Simplify your routine, save money and save storage space with a multi-purpose cleaning solution. In fact, many areas of the home, from floors to countertops, can be cleaned with a simple homemade cleaner made with household ingredients. Health-conscious households and eco-conscious families in particular, appreciate the health and environmental benefits of DIY cleaners.

Multi-tasking Feel Good Movement

If you’ve got to move about your home dusting, sweeping or mopping, you may as well make it fun.

Put on some feel good music, grab a snack or beverage and make it a party! (If you’re actually preparing for a party, make sure you’ve got all the right tools to make it epic!) By the end of the playlist, you will have broken a sweat, burned calories and increased the step count on your exercise tracker.

And by the way, doing household chores shouldn’t be physically painful. Follow these health expert tips on proper form to avoid back pain while cleaning, and contact a health professional if pain arises and persists.

Throw In The Towel

Big cleaning jobs like deep cleans and spring cleaning can be completely daunting and time-consuming.

We promise not to judge if you throw in the towel and call in a home cleaning service instead. Professional cleaners have all the right home cleaning products and know all the tips and tricks for creating a spotless, germ-free home for you and your guests to enjoy.