FMWhatsApp is one of the best mod of the standard version of WhatsApp which you could get for yourself. But many people have this fear in mind that is it safe to use or not? And that’s why they are not using it anymore.

Well, I am also using the FMWhatsApp and I have personally done all the research regarding this APK for Android. And this is the reason that today I am writing this article for you.

So, today in this article I am going to tell you that if the FMWhatsApp is safe to use or not. After all, your safety is one of the most important points which is the priority of the developer. So, the developer of the FMWhatsApp is the FouadMods.

They have created it with the help of the YoWhatsApp and that’s why they both have identical features. But some features are exclusive which you could only get in the FMWhatsApp itself. And that’s why the FMWhatsApp is the best mod of WhatsApp which you could find.

Also, let me tell you that, there are thousands of users of the FMWhatsApp who loves this mod a lot. Also, they are impressed with its quality, safety as well as features.

And if talking about the features, you can do many amazing things in the FMWhatsApp like you can hide blue tick as well as the double tick from the FMWhatsApp. Also, you can save the status of anyone you want. And the best part is that you can completely change the theme of the homepage, or the chat of any person as and when you want.

So, as of now, you have got enough knowledge about the FMWhatsApp and you also know that, why it is the best among all. So, now let’s move further and get to know if it is safe to use or not.

Is the FMWhatsApp safe to use?

Well, let me tell you that, the FMWhatsApp is a mod of WhatsApp, but its base is the same as of the standard WhatsApp. So, in the FMWhatsApp you get tons of exciting features along with the safety of the standard version of the WhatsApp.

After all, the main aim of the developer is to provide you with the better experience that you completely deserving. And they have no concern with your data at all. That’s why the developer will never dig in your data or any other information for sure.


So, you don’t have to worry at all about your privacy as well as your security. The FMWhatsApp is completely safe to use and provide you with the best security along with immense features. And let me tell you that, there is no reason for which you should stop using this best WhatsApp mod for sure. So, stop thinking and start using the FMWhatsApp so that, you can enjoy the most amazing and outstanding features along with the security of the standard WhatsApp in the FMWhatsApp apk for Android.