Accountant is needed by every firm for handling payroll, crunching numbers and filing taxes. A lot of businesses are fundamentally based on accounting skills. In fact, many accountants are even financial advisors on whose decisions, the business can be run in an efficient manner.

An accountant can help in formulating the right business strategy. Given the importance of an accountant for any business, it is essential to choose the right professional to get all the finances done. Even though you can go for qualified professionals like Roberts & Cowling, here are some of the tips to choose the right accountant:

Personal preferences

There is no generic approach when it comes to choosing the right accountant. It entirely depends on personal preferences, needs, demands, short-term and long-term goals of any given business. Determine the type of accountant which might be suitable for the firm. Some accountants might be an expert in bookkeeping while the other may be ideal for tax preparation. Dependent on the business dynamics, choose the accountant in accordance with it.


Sometimes the location of the accountant can matter a lot. Given the highly globalized and connected world, there is an advantage of not necessarily having an accountant in your firm. Location does not really matter anymore in today’s world. However, there are some businesses that might want the accountant to be physically present in the premises. Conventional businesses prefer face-to-face interaction. Ultimately, it is a business owner who knows the best approach for the company therefore make the decision accordingly.

Check around

This is one of the major things that a lot of qualified businesses fail to perform despite of their experience. A good place to begin is by asking your friends and family. Ask for recommendations and look around. However, do not settle on one accountant. You need to check around and search as much as possible. The more professionals you will interact with, the better you will be able to know of the pros and cons.

Interview preparation

Once a few candidates have been shortlisted, you need to start preparing for the interview process. It is of paramount importance to conduct interviews. The reason interviews are so important is that accountants can either make or break your company. A financial decision maker making the wrong decisions can be critical for your company. Therefore, prepare for the interview. Ask for the relevant experience, qualifications, expertise and credentials to get an idea. Ask all the relevant questions that might impact your business in some way.

Asking the right questions

As mentioned above, it is of essential significance to ask the right questions. Once you have all the background information, you need to make sure the precise details have been extracted out of the candidate. From the pricing details and services specification to certifications and the software being used, you need to know each and everything. The better you are informed about the individual candidate, higher the chances of success.