Wedding Photography

1. Fine art wedding photography

The style of wedding photography referred to as fine art is often very classic and traditional, with some added influences and touches added from magazine editorial shoots, fashion, and film. Wedding photographers who use this style of shooting frequently have a portrait or fashion photography background and specialize in creating beautiful, dreamlike, and romantic wedding photos. There is a real art behind creating wedding photography that is both beautiful and tells an honest story of your special day while making your wedding and you look absolutely gorgeous.

2. Reportage wedding photography

Reportage wedding photographySource: Pexels

A reportage-style of wedding photography may be a good fit for you if the thought of having to pose for hundreds of formal, stiff wedding photos makes you want to run and hide. Photographers who shoot in this style frequently have a background in news and photojournalism, so they are very good at capturing those moments that might otherwise be missed and tell the story of your special days without guests even noticing. Even if you happen to miss the tears in the eyes of grandfather while the groom is giving his speech, or your childhood friends laughing together during the wedding ceremony, your sharp-eyed wedding photographer will be sure to document everything.

3. Quirky wedding photography

Quirky wedding photographySource: Pexels

Maybe pastel colors, romance, and traditional flowers leave you feeling cold. Perhaps you more of a unique, fun-loving type of person. If so there are many quirky and laid-back photographers who love to capture those unique and free-spirited moments at a wedding who take themselves or the events too seriously. Having this kind of photographer can really help everybody relax and calm your wedding nerves, particularly when many of your wedding guests don’t know each other already. There are some quirky photographers who will devise complete photo stories, think up fun games for the wedding party to play (one huge favorite is groomsmen carrying around the bridesmaids as part of a piggyback race), bring props, or can photoshop things like people flying to help liven things up.

4. Vintage wedding photography

Vintage wedding photographySource: Pexels

Vintage-style photos have a way of making things look even more romantic. Rustic and vintage themes wedding are always popular – with homemade jam in pots as wedding favors and decorations made from old twine, and it takes just the right photographer to capture their finest moments. Photographers who specialize in wedding photography can make it look like your wedding took place in a different era, either through using retro medium format or 35mm cameras and film or using photoshop filters in a clever way.

5. Trash the wedding dress

So, what should you do with your wedding dress after saying I do? There are some women who keep their dress packed away forever. However, there is an even more fun alternative that some photographers offer: trashing the dress and then photographing the results. It could involve taking your favorite colors of paint and covering up the dress, of having the dress ripped off you by your bridesmaids or wearing it someplace a bit inappropriate such as the beach or a bowling alley. Just be warned that some dress shoots that involve the ocean or fire can be potentially dangerous, so just be careful.

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