Men are always obsessing over clothing options when it comes to looking dapper and making fashion statements in their ways. However, choosing the right outfit is not the only thing which completes the overall persona of a person. Clothing accessories and other wearing accessories compliment the entire look. One such option which many men love to incorporate in their wardrobes is hats. A perfectly complemented dress hat can make a person look mature and very decent in his way. In this article we will guide you through 5 types of dress hats which men can wear. Keep in mind, the most important thing which matters is the pairing which is done. Following are some of the sought after options:

1. The Bowler

You will be intrigued to know, Thomas and William Bowler invented this fashion accessory in London. It was only after then; this option became a rage and continued to rule the hearts of many in the 19th century. Surprisingly, this hat is known as Derby in the US and was made famous by the veteran comedian Charlie Chaplin because he would frequently wear it in his shows and videos.

2. The Ascot

Just as the name sounds, this hat makes a great royal statement when worn. The ascot looks very similar to a flat cap with a minor difference in its texture. However, unlike being made from a soft material, ascot is made out of hard material which sits on the head well. You can complement it both with formal and casual attire. If you are planning for lunch at an exquisite location you must sport this hat.

3. The Boater

This hat is usually worn in summer and very famous because of its straw weave and round brim. If you have ever seen barbershop quartets, they are the ones who like to sport this style hat. It has a unique Ivy Leaguer connotations and is worn by many Europeans. Even today, this hat is worn in many horse races. More recently, this hat started making the rounds since designers are complimenting it with summer looks.

4. The Pork Pie

If you think you’ll get the original pork pie today, you’re wrong. This hat has been restyled various number of times and looks nothing like when it was born. It is made out of straw and felt, has a narrow brim, round crown and relates well with the jazz culture. This hat is mostly worn in the winter season and can be paired with any formal dress.

5. The Homburg

Ever seen hats with an indented crown and wide brim? Such hats are acknowledged as the homburgs. This hat was popularly won in the 20th century, and ever since then, this hat makes a great fashion statement. In recent years, it has been modified a bit to comply with modern dressing. However, the wider part of the hat can take anyone in medieval times. If you want this hat you can google classy hats for men to get a complete range on the web along with other types.

The ones mentioned above are just some of the hats out of the diverse range of hats available in the market. Make sure you buy one which suits your personality and makes you look classy.