Moccasins are relatively popular in Canada. Last year alone, students in Prince Rupert schools hand-sew about 1,000 moccasins for indigenous children.

The increase in popularity mainly stemmed from the ability of moccasins in Canada to protect your feet from injuries while enabling the wearer to feel the ground.

Moreover, moccasins in Canada are also versatile enough to be worn for casual and formal events.

With several options available, choosing the right moccasin for your budget can be especially challenging. Use this as your guide in picking the right moccasin to ensure maximum comfort at an affordable price.

  • Materials

Settle for no less than cowhide, deerskin, elk, or moose hide in picking a pair of moccasins. Choosing these materials ensures that your moccasins can last for a long time.

For best results, opt for companies like Tribal Trade, which uses genuine Canadian leather to avoid occasional wear and tear. Also, make sure that the moccasins fit your daily use to ensure comfort and a relaxed walk.

Ideally, choose moccasins that are handmade by Canadians to ensure fine leather. These manufacturers are also experienced enough in cutting, sewing, and product design to guarantee quality.

  • Stitching Experience

Using a suitable material can only do so much for a pair of moccasins. This is why everyone needs to choose companies, with excellent stitching experience like Tribal Trade.

Stitching your shoes makes sure that the sole and heel guards are well-protected. Plus, a well-stitched moccasin has a tough exterior and flexible sole, which is a big positive when seeking both comfort and style.

  • Arch Support

Opting for moccasins with excellent arch support prevents continuous distortion and contraction on your foot. Note that the appropriate arch support can also provide therapeutic benefits and strengthen your overall posture.

Likewise, appropriate arch support and cushioning help the function and the natural movement of the body. Best of all, choosing a well-supported moccasin strengthens your calf muscles and feet.

How Should Moccasins Fit Your Feet?

Ensure that moccasins are relatively cushy on your feet. Note that all moccasins made of leather will stretch in every direction since they do not have a rubber sole.

Bear in mind that a rubber sole sometimes can restrict the shoes to stretch. Likewise, consider your preferences when choosing a pair of moccasin.

Remember that you need larger sizes if you intend to wear them with socks. Interestingly, wearing socks will also result in a little stretch to the material compared to wearing a pair on barefoot.

Having the right size of moccasins will prevent them from hanging loosely during the stretch. Select a half size smaller than you would ordinarily wear in the street or dress shoe if you prefer a snug and fitted moccasin.

How to Style Moccasins?

Versatility is perhaps the most significant advantage of Canadian-handmade moccasins as you can wear them on any occasion.

For semi-formal events, wear a matching trouser, blazer, and moccasins. Roll or try to cut your jeans up to your ankles for a beautiful aesthetic.

Likewise, men can wear T-shirts and a pair of shorts for a more casual look. On the other hand, women can pair a brown moccasin with relatively any dress as long the hem does not reach the feet.