From professional athletes to corporate goons, sports watches have gradually become the first choice for men of all ages. While there are plenty of options available in the market, it’s quite daunting to narrow them down and find that perfect watch that perfectly aligns with your requirements. There are plenty of features that ideal sports watch must possess that determines its quality and durability. Though there are some popular sports watches like Omega watches that can be bought without any second thought.

When it comes to purchasing sports watch everyone looks out to receive the complete worth of their money. If you find yourself confused among the diverse options of sports watches in the market, take a look at some of the important features of a sports watch that will help you make a well-informed decision.


This is one of the common yet important features that a sports watch must possess. The alarm feature is equipped in a majority of high-tech titanium sports watches. You just need to make sure that your preferred choice has the contemporary alarm feature.

Laps and Splits

Having lap times and split times are important for training and can help you break down your race performances later to see where you need to improve. They also help jog your memory as to the specifics of a workout for when you are recording it in your training log after the fact.

Water Resistance

For men who love various water sports, swimming and boating, it is convenient for them to wear sports wristwatches that are resistant to water up to a certain level of immersion. You should never settle for anything less than water-resistant to 100 meters.


Since most men wear their sports wristwatches for a considerable period while at work or exercising, the straps on such chronometers should be comfortable and adjustable. Industry experts say sports wristwatches are essential for men who love to the outdoors and are adventurous.


If you are passionate about traveling like most men, it is important to keep a compass with you at all times to ascertain your location at a particular moment. Having this feature on your wristwatch is convenient because it is usually very easy to lose a compass when you are outdoors.

Button Size/Position

The size and position of the buttons to access the various features of the watch are the second most important attribute that I look for. Having buttons that are difficult to find or difficult to push makes it harder to track your workouts and splits.

Highlighting all the masculine specifications and giving an edge to your overall look, sports watches are undoubtedly the foremost preference for men. Above mentioned were some of the popular features that you must look out for in a sports watch as these are some of the basic specifications that a sports watch ensemble must fulfill. Though these features are the basic guidelines to find that ideal sports watch, you can always give first preference to your requirements and locate a product that best suits your interests.