Your garage door has a lot of moving parts that need to be in good condition for this mechanical structure to work efficiently. When your garage door breaks down, it only means that one of its components is no longer functioning properly. Knowing what your garage door is composed of will give you an idea of what is going on with it. These days, modern garage doors are equipped with features that make DIY repair challenging. If you are faced with a garage door problem, it is important that you call a garage door technician to fix the problem.

Reasons your garage door fails to open

Broken Spring: Garage doors have two springs that play a major role in ensuring that the door opens properly. The door can be heavy and without these two springs, it will be impossible for you to complete the open-close cycles. You will know that the springs broke as the sound is similar to that of a gunshot.

The crashing sound is due to the tension that the springs carry. When the springs break, you will have a hard time opening your garage door, or worse, it will not open at all. Broken springs are a common problem with garage doors. If you hear a loud sound from your garage door, it is an indicator that one of your springs is failing.

Broken Cables: It might seem easy for you to lift your garage door, but it is actually heavier than you think. While all you can see is the door slowly and smoothly rising and lowering, the grace of movement is credited to the presence of tension mechanics which are built into the garage door. They play a vital role in ensuring that the garage door moves smoothly.

The tension system is composed of springs and cables. They need to be in great condition because aside from ensuring that you close and open the door smoothly, the tension system helps you move the door safely. When your cables or tension springs are not working properly, it will be difficult for your garage door to glide gracefully. In fact, it will slam down. Anyone under the garage door when that happens can face a serious injury. Have your tension springs or cables checked if closing your garage door has lately become a challenge.

Misaligned Track: A garage door is like a train. It will not move independently without a track. The track allows the door to move up or down. The path is unchanging, which is why it is necessary for the track to be aligned properly. If your garage door has been serving you for a long time, the track can become damaged.

Due to the weight of your garage door, the damage will worsen when the problem with your track is not addressed immediately. Unless you decide to call a garage door repair Southlake technician, the issue with your track will continue to get worse.

The importance of maintenance

These problems are not going to cost you a fortune if your garage door receives regular maintenance. Although your garage door is meant to last for years, the frequent operation can damage its moving parts. Scheduling garage door maintenance helps to ensure that small problems are addressed before they snowball into bigger issues.

When you know that your garage door is properly working, you can relax your mind because you will no longer have to worry about your family’s safety. Burglars can break in and steal your belongings if you leave your garage door open because some of its components are no longer working properly. By considering regular garage door tune-up and maintenance, anything that can deter your garage door from working efficiently will be successfully addressed.

There is no doubt that your garage door is a complex system. Once it fails to function for a number of reasons, calling a garage door technician should be a priority. While you may often use your garage door, it is still completely off the radar that it only becomes essential when it stops working. If problems with your garage door start to occur, do not attempt to handle them yourself. You need a specialist who will assist you in thoroughly inspecting all aspects of your garage door without compromising quality and safety.