More than 1.6 billion people have a connection with FB by which they are handling their small businesses. In the business platform, the importance of reviews is much. Now the system of reviews has been changed remarkably.

Face book’s algorithm is being updated day after day. Now, It has been easier much to connect local business. The face book recommendation has been changed. Instead of stat rating from one to five, it has been simplified enough.

The option is “yes”, “no”. The man who recommends the business can click the yes otherwise not. The whole process is simpler much then before. The change is only in the field of business. But in the social network, the different things are noticeable. There, the people have been forced to write their experience broadly. As a result, these seem more authentic. You can check the fb reviews how these should be.

The Benefits of Face book Recommendations

In online business, the importance of FB recommendation is skyscrapers. People feel interested in the product or services after having the recommendation of the known person, friends or families. These are nothing but the support of a business directly or indirectly.

How Face book Recommendations Work

Once you recommend the business of any one, face book algorithm also support the business. The face book has also the option to write more details. As a result, the consumers feel interested in taking the services confidently. The reviews should be within 25 characters. There is also way of adding photo.

The Change in Face book Recommendations

The reviews of the face book recommendation were star reviews but now it has been changed. Now yes and no are used to recommend any local business. Now review section, star rating is not used widely. Now numeric symbol is used widely.

The major change will come in the face book algorithm is that reporting about the fraud content dishonest reviews and spam. The review which is being used is tough to dispute or remove. But the update will make everything clear and fair. Even the chance will not have available to write anything beneath others reviews. Everything will bring in the restriction.

Now, it is noticeable that recommendation is only for their business pages. But after update, the recommendation will not have only in the business pages. Rather, these will be changed and shown in the different page. When people will search, they will have everything easily. The recommendation will be supported deeply.

Face book has been emphasized on the local business too much. It is trying continuously to update and increase the local data relevancy.

What Else Is Changing?

The star reviews have been changed in the face book reviews. These have been announced for the local business pages. Besides a lot of items are added in the face book functionalities.

Face book is one the highly dynamic platform. Among all other social media, it is the most powerful with its functions, futures and users. Now people use this social media for marketing purposes. It brings update frequently. Every single day, face book is adding new features and functionality to ensure the benefit to its users. Consequently the number of users is also going up.

Now, face book loves to be optimized. When you keep well optimized with the exact information, factor will show your profile and will help you to be connecting more. But without exact optimization, you will turn into oblivion. So when you want to use any fb page for business purpose, you must keep the face book well optimized and well organized so that you can have the favor of fb algorithm.