Hair Grow Faster

Most people are facing hardship with hair growth, it’s either they are follically challenged or genetically deprived. If you are looking for solutions in making your hair grow faster, you are in the perfect place!

There are various things and combination that influences hair growth, that includes genes, health issues, wrong care, and extensive styling, also encouraging it can be tricky. For years, there are lots of experiments in regards to different hair products and home solutions in an attempt to get healthy long locks, and with several testings, we finally found the formula that’s proven effective.

Amazing isn’t it? But this read can really help you in growing your hair in a snap or to an inch per week. Now is the time to get that dream hair of yours, just follow this simple tricks, and you’ll get that long locks in no time.

Do Not Over style

Do Not Over style
Having a gorgeous hair doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your hair health. Using heat tools daily, including hot irons or getting a blow dry can extensively damage your hair. Heat weakens your hair and staying away from heat can drastically improve your hair condition. This prevents breakage and split ends so that you won’t be needing a monthly trim and save your hair length big time.

TOP TIP: If you can’t help using heat tools at all, consider gently rubbing your hair with a towel or air dry your hair till it’s 70% dry. Then you can finish up using a hairdryer adjusted into a medium setting and its also best to invest in high-quality heat protection sprays- they do an outstanding job in keeping your hair healthy.

Watch Your Diet

Watch Your Diet
Diet is always associated with health and beauty, and it plays a vital role not only with hair health but also with the rate of your hair growth.

Remember our hair consists of protein and a deficit in this mineral will make it hard for you to grow your hair, no matter what products you apply to your hair to stimulate growth.

TOP TIP: Eat foods that are rich in protein and Biotin, which is also known as Vitamin H. This vitamin is a family of the B-complex group that helps turn the food that we eat into fuel energy. It has a huge contribution in the metabolism of the fats, carbohydrates and necessary amino acids are essential building blocks of protein.

Stay Away From Harsh Chemicals

Harsh Chemicals
In choosing hair products, most of the time- less is more. When some creams and solutions can benefit out hair health and stimulate growth, most causes severe damages than good.

TOP TIP: Be careful with the products you apply in your hair, stay away from sulfates since harsh chemicals can dry your hair out and stunt hair growth.

Get Away From Tight Hairstyles

Tight Hairstyles
Some hairstyles can cause severe damage to our hair health-these are those tight hairstyles. Since bobbles grip our hair and cause friction that usually leads to split ends. Tight ponytail might look sleek and sharp and a high bun might be on trend but having those hairstyles daily can damage not only our hair but also scalps. Braids can also harm our hair when done too tight since it causes the hair to be pulled away from the roots and might cause follicle damages.

TOP TIP: Try going with clip-in ponytail hair extensions, they replicate the same sleek look you are aiming, you can find lots of cheap human hair extensions online.

Rinse Hair With Cold Water

Rinse Hair With Cold Water
Not known to everyone, but washing your hair with warm water can open your follicles and strip moisture. It’s critical to wash your hair with cold water to retain moisture and avoid hair loss and frizz.

TOP TIP: If you are planning to deeply moisturize your hair, you can shower with warm water to open the hair follicles and use a deep conditioner, then rinse off with cold water to seal the nutrients.

With proper care and diet and a little bit of patience, you can effectively promote hair growth. But if everything fails, don’t fret – since you can always count on hair extensions! You can always get the best clip-in hair extensions for a Do-it-Yourself stunningly long hair in an instant.