Building your own home is hard work. Whether you opt for an environmental build, a pre-formed pack, or simply wish to build it conventionally from scratch, you’re going to find it’s hard work and time-consuming.

In short, unless you have plenty of money and a lot of free time, you’re going to need some help. The best option is to choose the right experts and professionals, you can handle the manual labor and learn plenty of new skills as the build progresses. But, to ensure the house is built to the right standards you need professionals used to completing civil construction jobs.

There’s more than you may think and you should consider them and their needs now, it will ensure you set the right budget and get the job done properly.

The Architect

You’re not going to get far with your house unless you have an architect. These are the people who turn the vision in your head into something on paper. They create the plans, ensure the size of the house is correct, help guide you through planning permission, and can even oversee the build.

The blueprints they create are the plans that the builders need to follow. It’s an essential first step.


You may not need electricians straight away but you will need some to connect your home to the grid and create al the wiring inside your home. This covers light switches, lights, sockets, and smart wiring. It’s a lot of work and all the cables should be hidden in the walls before the house is completed.


You’re going to need a water supply to your house, water around your home, hot water, drainage, and potentially a water-based heating system. Your plumber can handle all of these tasks for you and sign them off at the end.

That’s the crucial thing about electricians and plumbers, the work needs to be signed off. If you do it yourself you’ll still need a professional to confirm it has all been completed to code.


You may be happy to complete the painting and decorating inside your home but, unless you’re an expert plasterer, you’re going to want a professional to skim all the walls and get them ready for your final decor. This is not an easy task and not something you want to be trying to learn while completing your dream home.

General Builders

This is the part where you can step in. General builders construct the shell of the house and often need a lot of manual help… If you have no experience of house building this is a great place to start. Plus, you’ll be able to say you helped to build your own home with your own two hands!


No home is complete without a roof, it’s essential for protecting everything else you’ve built and the things inside your home.

You need a good roofer to create the roof structure and tile it, finishing your house perfectly.
It should be noted that this is not an exhaustive list, it’s just the main exerts and professionals you’re going to need.