Indian Cute Kurtis

Fashion is one thing that cannot be taken away from us humans. Fashion is dynamic and in most cases, it has found itself as an identity index for some people, nations, races, and even genders. This is so because fashion has been used to identify many people and their cultural values and background. For instance, Kente cloth is an identity of the Ashanti people of Ghana and the Bowler hats are synonymous to the British, so is Kurtis and Kurta is very unique to the Indians.

Kurtis has come to stay with the Indians, though it has warmed itself to the hearts of other nationalities across the globe.

What is Indian Kurtis?

What is Indian Kurtis
Indian Kurtis is a form of clothing that is traditionally synonymous to the Indians. Though it has many varieties and styles, it is generally a long straight cut that is adorned over and underwear or vest. Kurtis is a straight-cut loose shirt reaching either just above or anywhere below your knees and is usually worn by women. Nonetheless, men also have their own version called the Kurta which is the straight-cut shirt; it can be long or short.

Kurtis is gaining immense ground among Indian women and there are various varieties which continuously emerge every day with the infusion of many creative ideas and styles. Recently, there is emergent of some new-fashioned Kurtis which admixture of the traditional Kurtis tailored with some foreign styles.

When and where is Kurtis worn?

 When and where is Kurtis worn.
Kurtis has become so popular that it is usually worn anywhere, anytime. Though there are some special types of Kurtis designed and fashioned for specific occasions, but the ‘where and when’ of Kurtis mostly depends on an individual choice and styles. Interestingly, Kurtis can be worn as a formal, informal, and casual outfit. Job seekers can don a well-paired Kurtis and leggings to a job interview.

Highly flowered Kurtis in bright colors can be ideal for a party or a social date. There special occasions such as weddings and Puja that demands special types of Kurtis.

Kurtis can be worn either in the harsh Indian summer or the coldest winter; this largely depends on the choice of fabrics to match the demand of the weather. For instance, Kurtis made of wool, silk, or velvet fabrics would be perfect during the winter period. This will help you keep warm. Again, the style of your Kurtis will play a major role in this case. For summer, Kurtis made of cotton and other light fabrics will do you well.

How to wear Kurtis?

How to wear Kurtis
Kurtis is quite outstanding because of the comfort and simplicity it offers. Women have greater comfort wearing a Kurtis without losing the style and beauty desired. Though Kurtis can be made to look very elegant, it never makes the wearer ‘loud’ especially with the right choice of colors. Again, how to wear a Kurtis depends on many varieties of factors such as the style of your Kurtis, the occasion, the fabric, and probably color. You can wear a Kurtis on top of a pair of leggings, slimmer palazzo pant, wrap-around pants, shorts or jeans. For a traditional look or outing, Kurtis donned with Churidar or Salwar will always make a good outfit. Interestingly, the uniqueness of Kurtis makes it very adaptable, a Kurti can be worn in different ways and forming different styles. You can wear a kurti with Salwar which is always a perfect combination; this is usually a good as an outfit. Your Kurti can adoringly be combined with a free-flowing skirt for special occasions like a wedding ceremony or wedding reception. Also, a Kurti upon a pair of Dhoti pants is cool to behold anytime.

Types of Kurtis

Types of Kurtis
Kurtis comes in different sizes, shapes, and styles. There are many fashion outlets in the market offering different types and styles of uniquely-looking Kurtis meeting your daily requirements. For instance, Stylecaret is one of the best places where you can get all that you want as far as Kurtis is concerned.

Here are some types of Kurtis that will meet your styles, size, and shape.

  1. Tail Cut Kurti: Tail cut Kurtis is an ethnic type of Kurtis which is tailored for parties and social functions. It is short on one side with a tail on the other side. The tail cut Kurti is a typical Indowestern style that goes well and fits all ages.
  2. Front slit Kurti: The slit-Kurtis carries a front slit with it. The slit can either be short or long.
  3. Flared Kurti: A flared-Kurti is a long free-flowing Kurtis that reaches into the ground in most cases. It has enough room for freedom of the wearer. It is a unique outfit for different occasions.
  4. High-Low Kurti: This type of Kurti is usually combined with a Palazzo or jean pants. It has a high-up front and a dropped-lower back
  5. Kaftan Style Kurti: A Kaftan-Kurti is usually with embellishments or pleats. It can be a combination of different fabrics; plain or flowery.
  6. Shirt Style Kurti: As suggested by the name itself, shirt style Kurtis is a type of Kurti with a collar. There are other types that are collarless. It can be either long-sleeved or short-sleeved depending on your choice. Usually, it can bear full front button placket or half-way button-placket. Style caret has a lot of various versions of this and the above in their stocks

There are other numerous Kurtis in the market.

 There are other numerous Kurtis in the market.
Kurtis with their various variations has really lifted the phase of women fashion to another level, both in Indian and across the shores of India. With new trending laced with the ingenuity of many Kurtis designers, Kurtis is becoming more and more adaptable to different occasions with new creative and innovative ideas, types, styles, and fabrics.

You need not visit wait for the visit of your dressmaker before you can have a Kurti for any occasion as there are many online shops where you can place an order for a Kurti of your choice. Most of such shops like Style carea wedding ceremony t have all you need. You can choose from their arrays of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors to match your demand.