The summer heat can be difficult to manage without any proper cooling system in place. The long power outages, frequent load-shedding spells and rising spring temperatures can make the interior of the home and office uncomfortable and stuffy but with the right ceiling fan that does not drain the UPS power supply several hours of uninterrupted cooling can be achieved.

In this article, you will find the necessary information to help you decide which fan type and model suits your daily needs and ensures maximum power efficiency to decrease the monthly electricity bills. Ceiling fans are a simple and useful cooling system that only use electricity to work.

Cooling Solution

Most homes and workplaces are designed to ensure regular ventilation, painting the roof white is commonly practiced to help maintain the cool temperature of the home. Those measures can be effective to a certain degree but the addition of a ceiling fan will drastically improve the temperature of the room by dispersing any trapped warm air. A 56″ ceiling fan has an airflow range of 400 FT2 that can cover a significantly large room or hall easily.

Types of Fans

There are several iterations of fans available in the market, these include the standard ceiling fan, reversible fan, platform fan, section fan, exhaust fan, and fog fan. When considering which fan to purchase, it is important to know the daily usage and space available to easily install the fan. Electric fans are readily available online and are commonly sold at electronic stores. They have a low price point that makes them a budget-friendly home appliance.

Components & Key Features

Fans are made in an extensive range of models with different propeller size, structural arrangement, shapes, and styles. The propellers are sharp and need to be handled with care when running as it takes time to turn off the fan rotating system. It is essential to avoid contact with scorching summer temperatures for one’s own wellbeing and health. Keeping the fan running throughout the day will help bring down critical hot temperatures outside reducing risk of heat strokes. Fans do not require any special wall mounting features, they can be installed where needed, depending on their size and functionality.

Electronic Brands Available

Ceiling fans are being manufactures by various electronics brands in the mainstream market. Pakistani electronic retailers will always have a large volume of fans from various brands. The popularly sold brands that sell electronic fans are Pak, Royal, G.F.C, and Yunas.

GFC Fans is a local Pakistani electronics brand that produces reliable, durable and efficient devices by using high-quality electrical steel sheets and 99.99% copper wire. Their electronic devices range from home, kitchen to industrial sectors that have long durational warranties. Even before they are distributed to retailers G.F.C takes precautionary measures to check their products for defects or damages.

Power Efficiency

They have a low price point and can accommodate a variety of personal budget requirements. It is important to note that fans are usually used during changing seasons when it isn’t too hot or too cold or the mid-year heat spells. The popular choice for homes and offices are ceiling fans that do not take up any floor space and are purposely centrally installed for maximum airflow distribution.

The cross-ventilation system is quickened by the fast speed of the fan that replaces old, stale and warm air through an open door or window. Fresh air is then brought back into the room that decreases the warm temperature of the room. Fans do not need to be simple and white anymore, they have highly decorated form factors and colours available. They are regularly fitted with LED Lights and light bulk fixtures that make them a stylish addition to your home.

Ceiling Fans Sizes

Ceiling fans are sold most commonly in the sizes 36″, 48″, and 56″. The 36″ ceiling fan is suitable for a small store, pantry or laundry room of 6 x 6 feet. The 48″ ceiling fan is ideal for medium-sized bedrooms, office space, lounges of 10 x 10 feet. The largest 56″ ceiling fan for a large room approximately 15 x 15 feet. The fan size is directly proportionate to the size of the space it needs to cool. It is important to measure the room size and buy the right fan size, as that will ensure effective cooling. For halls and spaces with high ceilings, ceiling fans can be extended with an electric pole that well help bring them closer to the floor and improving their ventilation power and cooling system.

Ceiling Fans Price Point

G.F.C has priced the ceiling fans series between PKR 2000 to PKR 3000 making them cheaper as compared to other electronic brands with the same fan models.

The 36″ fan is priced at PKR 2000 and the 56″ fan is PKR 3000, making it easy to upgrade a ceiling fan without having to spend too much money. Most local brands have priced their fans similarly to G.F.C ceiling fans. The ceiling fans that have additional electronic lights and LEDs attached are priced at PKR 4000.