Mid Century Modern Style Decor

Midcentury Modern Design is a broad term that refers to the movement that spanned from 1933 to 1965 and brought revolutionary changes in the fields of architecture, industrial, interior, and graphics design. The midcentury modern decor style favors minimalism and clarity. Its sleek lines, functional design, and vintage vibes have mesmerized people since more than five decades. The bright, open layouts, neutral tones, earthy colors, and leggy functional furniture in this decor give it a timeless aesthetic. The main features of this style are simple forms, functional furniture, and clean minimalist design. Similar to the Contemporary and Scandinavian styles, modern design also propagates the “less is more” approach to designing. This means modern decor has no surplus details like excessive use of color, texture, or ornate decorations. It also promotes lack of clutter by avoiding extra accessories in the decor.

Designing in midcentury modern style can be intimidating and confusing. You need to strike a balance between the minimalist and retro designs without overdoing anything. You also need to create a seamless look that is elegant and attractive. Here are some easy ways to introduce this timeless decor in your home.

Use Bright and Earthy Colors

Midcentury modern decor is known for its use of bright hues and earthy tones. The decor shows natural influences and the colors are also inspired by nature. Hence, the colors were warm autumn tones that brought a cozy feel to the interiors. Warm brown, bright sky blue, buttercup yellow, cool teal/turquoise, and flaming orange shades work well in modern decor. You can introduce a combination of these colors as the color scheme or bring them in as accent colors that pop against more neutral tones. You can even paint the furniture in bright tones to give your decor a retro look.

Add a Modern Style Mirror

Mirrors are the perfect accessory for all types of design styles. However, they are quite popular as decor in the modern style. Mirrors can give any room an airy and spacious look. They can be used to break the monotony of the decor. When placed properly, mirrors can reflect light into the room making it look bright and airy. Similarly, you can use mirrors on opposite walls to highlight a beautiful landscape or a well-designed garden. You should use mirrors that have a distressed or vintage look and modern style like the sunburst mirror that is a classic midcentury piece.

Bring Some Iconic Furniture

Every decor needs some unique or outstanding furniture pieces. This is especially true for midcentury modern design with its classic designer furniture. The modern style has a lot of iconic furniture pieces that are typical of this style and give any place a modern look. Vintage style furniture from celebrated designers such as Charles & Ray Eames, Arne Jacobson, George Nelson, Verner Panton, etc. can truly uplift the decor. You can shop here to get these original design pieces or other vintage and repurposed furniture.

Use Wooden Furniture

Another great way to bring a midcentury modern touch to your home’s interiors is to use wooden furniture. Wood gives any interiors a cozy and earthy feel that can instantly make you feel comfortable. Even the modern plywood furniture can bring some coziness to the decor with its wood tones and natural look. However, nothing can replicate the natural warmth and liveliness that real solid wood furniture can bring to the interiors. Modern style furniture in wooden make is the perfect way to bring a vintage retro look to any decor.

Go Bold With Wallpapers

Wallpapers are another design element that is quite popular in midcentury modern style. Colorful graphic wallpapers in bold patterns and prints can give the interiors a charming retro look. They are also a great way of bringing color and pattern into any decor. You can personalize them according to your taste as long as it maintains the retro look. And if you’re not a fan of covering all your walls, cover a single wall in the room with bold printed wallpaper and keep the rest neutral or white. This can help you highlight a single accent wall as the focal point of the room.

Introduce Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are another key feature of midcentury modern designs. Geometric prints can be pretty diverse and versatile. They can look as beautiful in a contemporary decor as in a traditional midcentury design. These prints are often bold and futuristic but can also be soft and subtle. It depends on how you use them. Add a geometric pattern wallpaper or area rug to make a bold statement. Alternatively, you can add these patterns in small doses through accents and accessories if you want a more subtle approach.

Use Modern Style Lighting

The lighting in any midcentury modern home is not just lights; it is a key element that plays an important role in giving the decor a retro vintage look. These lights can be in the form of lamps, hanging lights or wall sconces in beautiful designs. While the furniture in modern design is simple and functional, the ornate and sculptural light fixtures bring some glamour to the decor. The lights often have a vintage and retro look that gives the room an old world charm. And if you want the 50s’ and 60s’ style in your home, ornate and glamorous lighting is a crucial part of the interior.

Bring Greenery to the Decor

Midcentury modern design is heavily influenced by nature and hence tries to bring the outdoors in with house plants. Green foliage is a necessary staple of this style. Decorating the home interiors is not a new concept. This design has been practiced since ancient times and with good reason! Some plants can remove toxins from the air and keep it fresh. They enliven the atmosphere and give the interiors a fresh and natural feel. There are many plants that can be grown indoors and they don’t need a lot of maintenance and care. You can even use some retro style planters to add a midcentury modern feel to the decor.