The living room is the arguably the most used room of the house. It is an important space which we often use for entertaining guests or spending time with the family. Hence, it is quite natural to want your living room to always look fresh, trendy, and updated. However, having the same decor can become a little dated over time. But that does not necessarily mean you need a complete redesign of the room. Simple changes and updates can completely change the look and feel of the place without you having to spend a lot of money. Here are some easy makeover ideas to give your living room a refreshing update.

Change the Pillows and Throws

The easiest way to instantly refresh your living room is to change the pillows and throws for something different and fun. Take out all or some of your old pillows and throws and replace them with some new designs in latest trends. You can add new colors, patterns, and textures to the decor while making these changes.

Change or Rearrange Furniture

An easy and inexpensive way to update the look of the room is to change or rearrange your living room furniture. If you can’t afford to change the furniture, simply rearrange the furniture in a different layout. This can also give the room a new and updated look.

Refresh the Window Treatments

Give your old and dated window treatments a fresh new life by adding simple details. Adding pompoms or laces to curtain trims can add some fun and style to the curtains. You can also change the colors or update to panels or blinds for a modern contemporary look.

Bring Greenery to the Decor

According to NASA’s Clean Air Study, house plants can remove toxic agents from the air and keep it pure. Fresh green foliage enlivens the room and helps bring the nature inside. Place them in colorful hand-painted or fabric covered DIY pots to give a personal touch and charm to the decor.

Layer with Rugs

Layer your rugs to give your room a warm and cozy look. You can change the rugs and bring in some variety to the decor. Try some contrasting colors or patterns. A textured rug like jute at the bottom will bring some edge and center the decor. Add a soft, fluffy rug on top to bring warmth and comfort to the decor.

Update the Walls with Stencils

Show your living room walls some love by giving them a refreshing makeover. While wallpapers are an easy and quick fix, they can sometimes be expensive. Instead of wallpapers, try directly adding creative patterns by stenciling the walls. You can stencil all walls or create an accent wall in the living room. This DIY project may take some time but it will completely refresh your walls.

Swap the Lighting

Another way to give your living room a quick update without spending too much is to update the lighting fixtures. Bring in some new and modern style floor lamps or hanging lights that add some style and sophistication to the decor. They can give your living room an updated and trendy look.