Calisthenics also known as body weight training is usually seen a hardcore exercise done in the gym with tracksuits and military-like training. It is not. It is an important part of our daily fitness routine. So what is calisthenics? It is an art form of using your body weight as a means to maximize athletic ability and human strength.

Most common exercises we do like squats, dips, jumping jacks, push-ups and lunges are all is the simplest form of exercise. When performed rigorously and continuously, calisthenics train up your strength and aerobic capacity. And in this increasingly busy modern time-pressed life that we are in, it is important to have training options that can be done anywhere, anytime and with little equipment, if any. That is why the dip station is the best for calisthenics.

What is a Dip Station?

Dip station is a fixed frame which helps in targeting multiple muscle groups and joint movement when performing multiple exercises. It is a versatile tool for those looking to exercise many muscle groups at the same time. If you are starting calisthenics and the gym is not your cup of tea, you’ll need freestanding dip station as a must-have investment. It can be used in the comfort of your home as it does not take so much space.

Dip bars come in various colors and even in unique height for people taller than 6.1ˈ. It is a real game changer as it is inexpensive, easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of space. It makes you push harder knowing you are in a stable platform.

How to Gain With a Dip Station

  1. Using a dip bar, you have to learn to be in great form. You do dips by first raising yourself on the two dip bars with straight arms. Lower your body slowly until your elbows are above your shoulders. Push yourself slowly up until your arms are straight as before you started. Do that on repeat. If in doubt, watch several videos on YouTube about it. Dips exercises the shoulders, triceps. Don’t shrug your shoulders, to avoid shoulder and chest pain.
  2. Try a weighted vest as they have minimal movement and are easy to put on. The vest should not weigh more than five to ten percent of your body weight and should fit snugly. The goal is to add extra weight for the body-weight exercises and increase the intensity of the exercise.
  3. A quick warm-up before starting any dip especially for the shoulders to avoid injuries and pain afterwards. Dips can be done alone, always mix up with push-ups and pull-ups before or after.
  4. A healthy clean diet is always a must. To pack on muscles, you may need a special diet which may have a lot of proteins.

Benefits of Using a Dip Station

  1. It is the simplest exercise equipment that builds core strength.
  2. A dip station stands at 3` tall and it can fit users up to 6.5ˈ and 350lbs.
  3. Dip bars are sturdy so no worries about any slipping injuries.
  4. The highest- rated dip station comes with a lifetime warranty.
  5. It is cheaper than a monthly gym subscription depending on where you live.
  6. The dip station folds for storage with no extra tools required. Its compact frame is ideal for small spaces.
  7. Its stylish design and various colors enhance the look of your space.

At home workout can be done anytime. That is why; dip stations are effective as they have been designed for body weight exercises. Are padded for comfortable grips and are portable and lightweight for convenience. Work out routines couldn’t be more fun.