Eagle, a picturesque suburb in Idaho lies peacefully snuggled between the foothills and the famous Boise River. This family-oriented community right that lies right next to Boise, the capital of Idaho is famous for its eye-captivating wildlife and natural habitat that compels people to visit the place or even settle near the metropolitan capital of Idaho.


The city is a 15-minute drive from Boise at 43.693093, -116.346366 at an elevation of 782 meters above sea level.


According to the survey by U.S census, the city covers an area of 24km2 in total. The majority of part is land and some of the areas are water.

  • Almost 23.8 km2 of the area is land.
  • 0.1 km2 area is water.

Overview of Eagle Idaho

Eagle is famous for spas, natural resorts, trails to hike, the famous Saturday market, the zip line as well as a beach. The city has simply so much to offer its visitors as well as the residents through its famous restaurants like the Bacquet’s French Restaurant (100% recommended), frequently happening outdoor concerts and art galleries.

The economy of Eagle Idaho

With a growth in the job market of 3.6%, Eagle has been able to decrease its unemployment rate as low as 2.4%. In the coming 10 years, Eagle is hopeful for employment opportunities and job growth as 55%.
Because of its natural surroundings, mostly people are entrepreneurs making a living out of agriculture, forestation, retail and the education departments. Several other options are available as well but the focus revolves around these top four industries in Eagle.

Because the city is neighboring Boise, the industrial capital of Idaho, the population has gone up from 10,000 people to around 19,000 people. This means that the real estate business has been booming recently with more and more homes for sale in Eagle ID.

Median House Price in Eagle Idaho

The real estate market seems to be at a boom as well as the prices for houses. According to the reports, the home values in Eagle have gone up to a considerable figure of 9.1% since 2018. This makes the median house price standing at a considerable figure of $485,100 to %549,900. From the prices depicted, we can say that for a house, you will be paying $204/square foot which is fairly more than paying $176 in the central Boise area.


The median price for renting a house is in $1950 in Eagle. This is $500 more than that of Boise.
These figures make buying a house in Eagle much more expensive than buying one in Boise. Moreover, the market is expected to rise by 4.9% in the coming years. Despite the high figures and hot market, people are still considering buying homes for sale in Eagle ID.

Crime Rate in Eagle

The number of violent and non-violent crimes in Eagle is only 8 in 1000 people. This makes the city one of the safest in the USA as the figure is much lower than 78% of the states in America. Safety is one of the biggest concer

Why people are considering starting life in Eagle?

After transforming the world into an industrial mecca, the people are looking for more and more natural places to live in. At this realization, Eagle has become the top priority for people who are looking for a nature-oriented and family-focused place to live.

The city offers several entertainments; health and outdoor activities and the residents can also be observed practicing a healthy lifestyle. Even though obesity resides in the whole State, people of Eagle are depicted to have a healthy lifestyle keeping in mind what the city has to offer in terms of activities.

Activities in Eagle ID

Since eagle is known as a city for its family-oriented touch, there are many parks, entertainment centers and clubs suitable for activities with the family. The best part is most of these places are free of cost or at reasonable lower rates which makes them worth a visit every weekend.

That being said, it is quite clear that Eagle Idaho won’t bore you if you are an outgoing and fun-loving person.

  • Heaven for People who love Outdoor Life

Since the city lies close to the river, foothills and the greenbelt, Eagle is definitely a hub for outdoor refreshment. People can be seen walking, running, skating, cycling or simply having fun with their kids and pets.

  • An Enthralling Sporting and Fishing Experience

Enjoy the game of the rich as Eagle has some of the best golf courses and sports courts in Idaho which makes your sporting experience an exclusive one daily. Not only this, the namely River Boise, as well as the multiple fishing ponds available right next to your neighborhood, can offer you quality fishing time and a sedated environment that you can definitely choose for yourself to relax or to spend quality time with your family and loved ones.

  • Hike your way to the top

Within the premises to this high-elevated city, you will find up to 20 hiking trails each with a different intensity. Hike or mountain bike your way to the top and explore what the hills of Eagle hide within them.

  • Highway 55

Visit the Highway 55 towards the north and you will find yourself engaged in some of the most amazing adventures including wild rafting, boating, camping, fishing, zip-lining, hiking and much more fun outdoor activities.

  • Winter Sports

If you are a fan of winter sports then Eagle can cover that for you as well. Enjoy some of the best winter sports in the United States in 4 ski resorts located right near to you. Sun Valley Ski Resort is one of the most popular ones located in the area.

So, is it worth the investment?

Many people hesitate to make a heavy investment for a house but considering the living standards and not only basic facilities but much more can make your investment worth it.