Cruise Ship

Many people dream of making a wonderful trip on a huge cruise ship. We read magazines with advertising where we see amazing pictures of luxury rooms, huge halls and various shops and entertainments. It looks like an entire town on the board of a huge ship! Bright pictures with blue waves, light breeze and sun… what else you need for a good rest! But let’s see if it’s as bright and great as we see in those color brochures and read in various exciting articles written by a professional college essay writer.

Some people cannot travel on a cruise ship because they have got phobias. You may not suspect you have the certain phobia until you face the problem. That’s why it’s important to discover yourself and get to know if you have any phobias before you start the trip. Read our article and check out is it safe for you to have a great vacation on a cruise ship.

6 Phobias that can stop people to travel on a cruise ship

Here are the main six phobias that don’t let people feel safe on a cruise ship. If you have got the one or more from this list, you can try to cope with the phobia with a help of a good psychologist, or just try to avoid trips on huge cruise liners.

  1. Aquaphobia. If you are afraid of water, then it’s better for you to choose another trip. Those people who cannot swim, usually have a fear of drowning, that’s why they feel scared to travel on a cruise ship. Usually, the main reason of aquaphobia is a negative experience from your past. Aquaphobia can be quite different: some people cannot enter the water to swim when others cannot just look at large bodies of water. Some people afraid only deep water where they cannot feel the bottom when others feel scared of bathtubs even. People may feel panic when they see a large body of water, or when they enter the swimming pool.
  2. Agoraphobia. People with this phobia are afraid to leave their home, but some of them can have other forms of this phobia – when they cannot find the escape from the current situation. If you have this phobia, you may have a panic attack every time when you need to go out of your house or when you appeared in a difficult situation you cannot resolve. When you feel scared to wait in long lines, it’s an agoraphobia too. That’s why it’s not recommended for people with this phobia to travel on a cruise ship. They can get a feeling they just stuck in the middle of the ocean and have a panic attack. Such people will also feel very uncomfortable in long lines when passengers wait to get on and off the cruise ship.
  3. Claustrophobia. People with this phobia afraid of enclosed spaces including small rooms, elevators, cabins, etc. It’s impossible for such patients to take some medical tests, including MRI because of their phobia. When a person with a claustrophobia appears in a small space, he or she may feel panic. Depending on the level of their fear, people may sweat, yell, or cry. For many people, it’s hard to breathe even. Needless to say, it limits your life and makes a traveling on a cruise ship totally impossible. Even if the most of public areas have large halls and huge space, most cabins are small and tight. If you suspect you have some signs of claustrophobia, contact your doctor because this phobia can bring you a lot of uncomfortable things and make your life crazy.
  4. Social phobia. People with a social anxiety disorder may get panic attacks every time they need to interact with other people they don’t know well. For some people, even a thought about a crowd of strange people may cause panic, sweating, and feelings of fear and discomfort. Needless to say, traveling on a cruise ship with many people around isn’t a good idea if you have a social phobia. For such people, even going out to shop for food can be a huge problem. Fortunately, this disorder can be treated successfully in three ways: therapy, medications, or alternative methods.
  5. Nosophobia. This is a phobia when a person feels afraid to get a disease. Such people may notice symptoms of illness and go to the doctor to confirm it. Of course, such people avoid large groups of people because they are afraid to get cold, flu, or any other disease. Eventually, these people may get a cold or flu just because they are extremely scared of being ill. This is a natural reaction of our body, if we’re afraid of something, we will get it eventually. Nosophobia can be treated with medications and therapy. Needless to say, traveling is something really scared for such people, but if they understand they have a problem and follow all doctor’s recommendations, they have a chance to fight their phobia.
  6. Fear of the cruise ship. You may feel fine about going on a small boat, but do large ships make you scared? If yes, this can be a phobia of large ships. For example, many people that have watched a famous “Titanic” movie, are afraid of cruise ships. Of course, the fear may vary from person to person, and if you suspect you have this phobia, you need to consult a good psychologist to diagnose it. Even if you have this phobia, it doesn’t mean you will never be able to travel on a cruise ship! You may treat this phobia with a good therapy.

We hope that you didn’t find any of these phobias in yourself, so you can prepare to travel on a huge cruise ship! But don’t be disappointed if you think you have some phobias, you still have a chance to treat them and live a full life!