There are so many students looking for where they can get to purchase dissertations.

The internet being what it is today has made it possible for those who offer these services to meet those who want these services without any physical set up. That being said, you can make enough money from writing dissertations if you are vested in it full time. If you are planning to offer “purchasing dissertations” services, there are a lot of things you should know. These would give you heads up so as to know what you would face before starting.

The following are the pros and cons involved in starting a “purchasing dissertation” business.

Advantages of offering dissertation writing services

1.It is Location Independent

As a professional dissertation writer, you can work from anywhere. Be it at home, a library or even a friend’s house. You could be on vacation and still be able t make out time to work. You could take a break from working and go attend to some other matters. This is to say you have full control over where you work. Whether you have an office space or not, the most important thing is to get the job done before the deadline.

2.You get to choose the kind of Jobs You Want

You have the power to decline jobs that may be too challenging for you and accept jobs that you are interested in.

3.You do not need a lot of money to start.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to start a “purchasing dissertation” business. The important things you need are your writing skills, a website and a moderate social media presence. All you need to do is start a digital marketing campaign that will build your reputation online. After this, getting jobs would be a problem.

4.You will become more learned

Writing dissertations involves conducting researches about topics from different fields. This process increases your knowledge. You will learn many things you had no idea of before you started. Your ability to write English will also get better over time.

Disadvantages of offering dissertation writing services


As a dissertation writer, you have no choice but to spend 80% of your time in isolation. If you work from home, you will spend most of your time at home. You will have time to attend social gatherings. You also get to miss out building a professional network as it would be if you worked in an organization. If you love to socialize a lot, you have to sacrifice your social activities to be a successful dissertation writer.

2.Fluctuating income and workload

As a dissertation writer, your monthly income and workload are never certain. There will be months when you get to earn a decent amount, while some months you will earn much lesser. This makes it hard to survive on a budget. To tackle this shortcoming, it is wise to use excess earnings from good months to cover for months when you do not earn much.


To earn a living with “purchasing dissertations” services, you have to be disciplined. You have yourself to be accountable to. Self-discipline is important to establish a large client base and meeting deadlines
You can be a writer in Dissertation Team if you’re patient, committed and disciplined. When your client base gets large enough, you can build a dissertation team to help you out with the workload as well as meet deadlines. It might seem tough at first, but in the long run, you will reap the rewards.