In the not too distant past, businesses operated under mountains of paperwork with entire rooms dedicated to document-stuffed filing cabinets. You had to be physically in the room to be able to attend a meeting, and communication was achieved via games of phone tag in which the conversation couldn’t start until you miraculously called when the other person was able to answer. Thanks to the wonders of technology, we’ve come a long way in a short time. Every item listed above is now a thing of the past thanks to the marvelous advances you’re about to discover:

1. Intuitive Organization

No matter how much of a perfectionist you are, technology is capable of organizing every aspect of your work day in ways you would never have dreamed possible. From project management to logistics software, there’s an organizational tool to suit your needs, no matter how niche your business may be.

Control freaks and perfectionists will love the way these mega-intelligent, intuitive tools integrate with their already established systems; while those whose organizational skills are somewhat lacking will be relieved to allow the technology to pick up their slack.

2. Office Freedom

The current technological trajectory is leading us into a brave new world in which the concept of having to commute to an office each day to get your work done will seem ridiculously antiquated. Remote working is already a breeze for those lucky enough to have jumped on board early. Teleconferencing, co-working spaces, and virtual office solutions have revolutionized the workplace.

Cloud technology allows you instant, remote access to every inch of your data, from any device you have access to, anywhere in the world. In addition to allowing you to work from wherever you fancy. This means that computer crashes and hard drive failures are no longer the harbingers of terror they once were. While programs like Black Mirror would have you believe this endless connectivity and ultimate portability of technology is something to be concerned about, for now, the freedom it offers has no downside.

3. High-Tech Security

While this brave new world might offer you ultimate freedom, it also offers the same wide scope to malicious hackers. Here, technology is engaged in a strange and endless war, with each side constantly advancing its capabilities to keep up with the other. While this may seem concerning, the very presence of hackers and their malware and viruses is what drives the technological advances or which your business gets to take advantage. The latest security solutions offer both hardware and software-based data encryption and algorithms that ensure sensitive information is only ever accessible to the people you’ve chosen.

It’s not just cybersecurity that technology is turbo-boosting. There have also been brilliant leaps forward in physical security with devices like biometric recognition systems and Bluetooth smart locks, which enhance your security whlle allowing you to do away with the antiquated technology of locks that require keys.

4. Simplifying Time Management

Poorly managed time is a killer for productivity, cash flow, and client satisfaction. Accordingly, time management has been a huge focus among those at the forefront of technological advancements. You now have available to you a gargantuan range of high-tech time management tools aimed at optimizing the daily working routine of both you and your employees, allowing you to divvy up your time like a wizard and always have your attention on the most pressing task.

From organizational assistants to biometric time clocks, the technology is there and waiting for you to take advantage of it, streamline your workplace, and free up your employees to think creatively and develop new ideas.