Small houses often face the problem of finding enough storage spaces to accommodate all the stuff of the family. Even if you have a suitably big house and plenty of rooms, there comes a point when it’s simply not enough and you wonder where you can put more stuff. Most homes do not have a proper home storage system. Home builders often opt for simple and inexpensive options to build a home thus compromising on possible storage areas. However, with some clever organization and utilization of resources you can add more storage to your existing home without much hassle. Innovative storage solutions can make even a small, compact home or room feel much bigger than it is. Frequent decluttering, smart storage solutions, and maximum use of space can give you enough options to considerably increase the storage in your room.

Whether it is a small change like buying multi functional furniture or big changes like loft conversion, these simple tips and ideas will help you maximize storage and minimize extra clutter.

Get Built-In Storage

Built-in storage can help you avoid the hassle of lugging in big dressers and armoires while increasing storage. You can add built-in storage to your home when you’re remodeling or building a new home. This storage system can be added to any room and can increase the utilization of floor and wall space in the room. Whether it is a storage bed, entertainment centers, or built-in closet, it can utilize existing wall and floor space to give you a clean and systematic storage. This type of storage system helps you stay organized and make the most of your space. And since the system is built-in, it keeps the clutter hidden and also provides extra floor space.

Use Furniture for Storage

When you don’t have enough wall or floor space to add smart storage, you need to find some creative solutions instead. Making use of furniture for extra stuff is a great way to add storage without making any drastic changes to the structure of the house. Multifunctional furniture that come with storage options like under bed storage, storage chests, or ottoman storage can dramatically change the look and feel of the house. Moreover, these storage areas are well hidden inside the furniture and can help keep the home look clutter-free and organized. Add such furniture pieces to your decor to maximize storage.

Increase Storage in Loft

Attics and lofts are the most commonly used storage areas in many homes across the world. And yet there are many of us who still don’t utilize this area to its full potential. Lofts can become a great storage solution that does not need many structural changes and is quite easy to convert into storage. In fact, there are a lot of options available for pre-built and custom built boarding systems for lofts and attics. And even if you are using your loft or attic as a bedroom or living space, you can still utilize the area by adding storage around and under the bed.

Maximize Closet Storage

Sometimes it so happens that you have ample space and yet poor designing keeps you from utilizing it properly. A closet is the biggest place of storage other than the kitchen. It can store a lot more than just your clothes. However, you need to design it in a way that it can fully utilize whatever space you provide it. You can keep it as simple or complex in design as you need for your home. Other than clothes racks and hangers, add enough drawers to keep stuff hidden. Use organizing baskets to keep the closet clutter-free. Use smart storage techniques to get the most out of your closet.

Storage under the Stairs

The area under the stairs is least used area in the whole home. Most of us discount this area without even considering the possibilities it offers. The area under the stairs can be utilized fruitfully by adding smart storage cabinets to this area. Turn it into a secret storage hub with an innovative and efficient design. This will give you extra storage space and you won’t have to move any of your existing home settings. Moreover, this can make your home feel organized and clutter-free. You can store anything from books to extra bed sheets in such hidden places converted into storage.

Make Good Use of Corners

Corners are often the most awkward places to design any storage solutions. This is probably why they are also the most overlooked and unused ones. Corner spaces can be converted into storage areas that offer ample space for convenient storage. You can install open shelves to display your knick-knacks or add cabinets to increase storage. You can also place antique furniture like old chests or armoires to use them as storage solutions. A corner shower caddy for the bathroom can increase storage and offer many options. Adding floating or wraparound shelves to corner places can also enhance the beauty of the room’s decor and bring additional storage space.

Under Bed Storage Solutions

Under bed storage is a quite popular option when thinking of maximizing storage space. It can actually become a cavern for items that you don’t use regularly. You can store all the stuff that you use only seasonally in the storage under the bed. Extra bed sheets and covers, organizer baskets, etc. can help keep your bed storage clean and systematic. Also, raising the bed to a higher elevation and utilizing the space below can be a good option to maximize storage. There are a lot of under bed storage options that look pretty and offer good space to fully utilize the under bed storage.

As long as you have some space in your house, you would have a chance of adding storage to your home. Whether it is a well-known solution like loft conversion or creative solutions like under stairs storage, there are many different options to store away your stuff and avoid clutter. Making optimum use of every nook and cranny of your home can open up a lot of extra storage places for you to use.