Cannabis for a very long time has been a topic of strong contention because it has potent aphrodisiac properties and as such, has accrued the label of an illegal drug. But with the recent awareness and substantial potential health benefits and going by the legalization of cannabis in different parts of the world, we can say the debate is leaning towards a more positive perception of this so-called drug.

But with the acceptance of cannabis and the benefits associated with it, we yet arrive at another essential deliberation—which is, how or what is the best way to consume cannabis to get the most out of it, depending on whether you are taking for mental, physical or social purposes.

We live in a world where people have different ideas and opinions about all and every subject matter, and there will always be different self-acclaimed approaches that will be put forward as being the best form of use. Moreso, in this age and time where information overload is the order of the day. It can become chaotic in fathoming the right approach.

The right system—I dare say—to answering or solving this problem, will be first to understand that people are different, both in body and mind…! Now, apart from the differences in body and mind, people across the globe have different cultures, religions, and practices. And for that reason alone, there can’t be a straight and outright approach to consuming cannabis because what works for a person might not necessarily work for others.

In light of the above differences, we are going to try and explore different practices and varying methods of cannabis consumption across the world. We are going to start with the most recent or better put—more contemporary approach for the sake of the young at heart….!


Cannabis vaporizers are more or less what the present generation seems to have come to accept. Apart from the fact that it is a stylish way of consuming cannabis, it has also some potential health benefits because of the vaporiser’s mechanism.

The vaporizers work by converting electrical energy into combustible heat, that is hot enough to extract the tetrahydrocannabinol-(THC) and the cannabidiol-(CBD) within the cannabis. But the most attractive thing about vaporizers is that the temperature is moderate enough to extract the required compounds in the cannabis without the toxins that are associated with typical combustion of marijuana in other forms of consumption.

This type of consumption minimizes the risk that is linked to smoking and also does one better. It reduces the strong odor that comes with the burning of cannabis. That is why it has gained a lot of popularity amongst the young and old alike.

It is no news that first-time users who have no experience with taking cannabis tend to have a liking for this type of consumption because of it’s mild, and well-filtered mechanism which is easier on both the throat and lungs.

Rolling papers

Paper wrapping is one of the oldest forms of consumption and very universally known. It involves the putting of weed (cannabis) in a unique rectangular paper (the type used for wrapping tobacco) together with a filter and wrapping it up in the shape of a cigarette.

A lot of people consume cannabis this way as it a lot cheaper, faster and less time-consuming. The smoke from this type of consumption goes directly to the lungs from where it finds its way into the bloodstream and distributed to the brain and all parts of the body.

With this type of consumption, you get the full dose of everything from the cannabis, and the result is much faster, but last for a few hours before the effects start to dissipate.

Consuming cannabis with rolling papers is usually not advised for first-time users as the effects can be very overwhelming, and if at all they must try this method, then it is advisable to start with a few puffs and steadily increase their intake as their system become more tolerant to this kind of approach.

Fruit Method

Cannabis enthusiast has been known to go an extra length in finding creative ways to enjoy the consumption of cannabis, and the fruiting style of consuming cannabis is no exception.

This process involves the use of fruits for smoking weed. The most common fruit for this type of consumption is the apple. It consists of making a hole from the top of an apple that runs through to the side of the apple. A ball of cotton wool is then placed in the center of that hole and held in place with a toothpick.

The cannabis bud is then placed at the top of the hole and lighted with a match stick. As soon as the cannabis set on fire, the smoker then draws in smoke from the side of the apple whereby the smoke goes from the top of the apple through the ball of cotton wool (which acts as a filter) and into the mouth of the smoker.

A lot of folks find this method appealing as they get to have this apple flavor which reduces the strong odor or taste (depending on the strain) that comes with cannabis.

In conclusion

There are of cause still a lot more ways to consume cannabis, but for the sake of the “innocent,” we are going to stop at this juncture.
The case in point of the whole write-up is for you as an individual to discover which method suits you the most. It is, after all, a journey of self-discovery that only you can travel….!