The main purpose of the MOT tests was to make sure cars on the road were safe, roadworthy, and produced low emissions. The DOT made the test mandatory for all vehicles above three years and hired more than 50,000 certified mechanics to handle the process. Different garages charged varying amounts for the test based on the checks they handled, how conveniently they were located, and multiple other factors. Hunting around to find the best-priced MOT test could save vehicle owners a ton of money over the years.

A giant chunk of discounts received was through handling vehicle work at the same garage. If your regular mechanic also handled the MOT tests, it would help save money. Codes or coupons could also be found online and used to bring down the cost.

There are a couple of mandatory tests to be handled through the MOT. Making sure a vehicle is in good shape, at least in these aspects solves some major issue and assists with clearing the test in the first attempt.

Double-checking to make sure your vehicle is within the standard emission limits goes a long way since this is one of the major tests conducted. No matter the condition of your car if the emission standards aren’t followed, it wouldn’t clear the MOT test.

Other tests include making sure all vehicle lights are working. These could be reverse lights, brakes, hazard lights and other indicators. If any of these aren’t working properly, they should be changed before the examination. A lot of the smaller fixes of a car can be handled individually and do not need the assistance of a professional, so it might make sense to go through the manual and handle them.

Other main checks are the brakes and making sure the steering is properly calibrated. The hand brake and pedals should be able to stop and hold the car if the driver is fast. It should not skid or cause the car to sway. Additionally, the hand brake should be able to hold the vehicle if it has

been parked on a slope. The steering should be stable and lead the car in a straight line. If there are issues with the way the steering points, the car might receive negative marking. Another factor responsible to reduce skidding or swaying is the air pressure in the tires. People have to make sure their vehicles have the right amount of air in the tires and that they have sufficient threading, otherwise they would not be able to grip the road.

The windscreen needs to be as clear as possible so all stickers should be removed. Furthermore, there should be a cleaning liquid, so it can be cleaned if needed. The wipers and blades should be able to wash away any water or dirt on the windscreen. If they are old and don’t work as well, they should be changed. These are some of the major checks that should be in place for a car if it is looking to clear the MOT test in the first attempt.