Our personality is an important part of ourselves. It is the first thing that others notice when they see us. The way you talk, carry yourself and interact with others speak volumes about your character. Hence, it is very important to develop your personality so that you can project a confident image of your persona to others.

This article gives you the basics of personality development that will help you enhance your confidence levels and prepare you for success. Always remember that it is not the strongest, fastest or tallest person who wins but the one who thinks ‘I can’.

As suggested by the celebrated motivational speaker and CEO of from Kolkata, Sanjay Jhunjhunwala, this article helps people like yourself to work on their personality and overcome their difficulties. You can even read more motivational blogs on his website to achieve the goals that you aspire for.

By following the tips mentioned below and you will observe a massive improvement in the way you deal with other people and new situations.

1.Speak with Confidence

Speak with Confidence
Whenever you are speaking in an interview or you are addressing an audience, always take a deep breath and then answer their queries. This will put you in the right frame of mind so that you don’t get nervous. Speak clearly and precisely and maintain eye contact with the listener.

If you are speaking to an interviewer, maintain eye contact with the person throughout your interview. This reflects your high confidence levels. If you are speaking to an audience, then make and break eye contact with several people who are listening to you.

This shows that you give equal regard to everyone present so that nobody feels left out. Don’t get fixated on a particular person as the other members of the audience will feel that you are ignoring them.

When you are speaking, have an assertive posture with hands in the front, back straight and legs positioning your body towards the crowd. If you are sitting down, don’t hunch forward as it gives the impression of being submissive.

At the same time, don’t adopt an aggressive posture as you don’t want to scare anybody away. Just maintain a posture that is healthy and get your message across without any obstacles between your listeners and yourself.

2.Improve Your Body Language

Improve Your Body Language
Speaking is a part of verbal communication whereas body language constitutes the important part of non-verbal communication. Hence, when you walk towards the crowd whom you address, it is important to have an assertive body language.

This is what is meant by the term ‘Walk the Talk’. You need to carry yourself in such a way that reflects the fact that you mean business and would like to make the optimal use of the time available to achieve your goals.

When trying to improve your body language, just remember one golden rule that you should appear assertive and not submissive. If you look nervous and scared, it shows your lack of confidence and this will be clearly viewed by others as a negative trait.

Hence, don’t worry about the outcome, just pay attention to the fact that you need to present yourself appropriately to your listeners and the rest will follow on its own. Following this on a day to day basis will help you not only in your professional but also in your personal life.

After you imbibe this trait, nobody will take you for granted and will respect you for the strong character that you are.

3.Keep Cool in Difficult Situations

Keep Cool in Difficult Situations
This is a vital point that you must always keep in mind. Most of us get worked up and tensed when anything goes wrong. In this way, we make the situation at hand even more difficult than it really is. It is very important to not get scared or angry whenever a tricky situation comes towards us.

We must make note of the fact that if we have a cool frame of mind, then we can decide what to do next in a logical and rational manner. However, if we get agitated then we will not be able to handle the situation tactfully and this will result in spoiling the situation irreparably.

Hence, if you really want to develop your personality, try to be proactive and solve and overcome difficult situations. If you are hot-tempered and need to control your anger, do meditation so as to imbibe the basics of anger management.

If you are the nervous type who gets scared easily, try to embrace difficult situations gradually so that you can conquer them one by one. In this case, it is important to remember that your activities should be graded with the proper level of difficulty. Don’t choose situations that are too difficult as you will get disheartened if you suddenly fail.

However, if you overcome the situations that you are scared of slowly, then your confidence will rise slowly and you will find that you are able to overcome your fears.

Hope this helps you reach for the skies!