While just a few decades ago, a tattoo could be seen only on a male body, today more and more girls decide to enhance their beauty and show up the personality in this way. Tats on arms, thighs, or shoulders are already commonplace. What really creative girls choose is the more unusual places for their application – fingers, for example. Simple lines, original ornaments, symbols, and icons – all of these can carry a certain meaning.

Girls’ Finger Tattoos

To perform inscriptions, girls desire to select a patterned font and make the lines as thin and neat as possible. As women’s fingers are much thinner and often longer than the men’s, floral designs based on Indian wedding paintings look very beautiful on them. Such shapes as a triangle, a circle or a star are perfect for lovers of geometry and acute corners. The main determining factor in the choice is the meaning that the owner of the tattoo puts into it.

The types of girls’ finger tattoos:

  • Inscriptions and hieroglyphics
  • Animals and birds
  • Rings
  • Abstract symbols
  • Tiny finger tattoos
  • Finger tattoo on the side
  • Tattoo between the fingers
  • Tattoo on the thumb

Flowers will look attractive on the female fingers. This tat will help to emphasize tenderness, beauty, and innocence. The most popular flower is traditionally a rose. At the same time, its petals can express joy, and thorns indicate sadness.

If you don’t want to be limited with one finger when creating tattoos, you can take two, three, or even the whole hand.

Interestingly, the researchers are currently working on creating smart tattoos to control your health.

Tattoo on the fingers is a good choice for those who want to make an original tattoo for themselves, but don’t want to fill a large part of their body with it.

Tiny Finger Tattoos

Have wanted to get a tattoo for a long time, but can’t dare? Perhaps, you just didn’t consider making a tiny finger tattoo. Firstly, it is beautiful! And secondly, minimalist, unobtrusive, and showy at the same time.

Miniature tattoos look aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, as a rule, they have positive energy or reflect a vital position. Some girls opt for various hieroglyphs, phrases. Others make the tiny drawings, mystical signs, various symbols with philosophical meanings. But, most often, tattoo designs serve simply as an elegant decoration. Such tattoos look incredibly beautiful and never go out of style.

Ring Finger Tattoo Designs

Ring finger tattoos are a fashionable novelty in wearable images. Such tattoo can attract no less attention than a large drawing. It is excellent for girls. Ring tattoos can be depicted on any finger, imitating a real piece of jewelry. They can be made as a small neat ring or a massive ring with the addition of certain elements in the form of a heart, a bow, or a crown.

Besides, ring tattoos can be decorated with dots. They perfectly complement the lines and patterns, but individually they look unobtrusive and suit everyone.

Ring finger tattoo designs are popular with lovers who don’t see the point of wearing wedding rings. The idea of paired tattoos is suitable to designate you as spouses and get rid of the platitudes. It’s a ring you will never lose.


Animal Finger Tattoo

Animal finger tattoos are perfect for those who really love animals and cannot imagine their lives without them, for those, who admire their beauty and grace.

All animal tattoos can be divided into two types: a tattoo of existing animals and fictional. The second type includes dragons, centaurs, unicorns, griffins, phoenixes, and other creatures invented by myths and legends.

Girls’ finger tattoos can be made in the shape of different animals: dogs, cats, wolves, deer, bulls, giraffes, elephants.

However, each animal has its own meaning. For example, a deer signifies beauty, freedom and nobility, a unicorn – purity and innocence, and a bull – strength and power.

You can choose the animal you have something in common with, the one, which inspires you.

Whatever drawing you put on your finger, it will certainly indicate your uniqueness and originality.

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