A costume party or Halloween is a great time to dress up freely and express the other side of your personality. It’s usually fun for couples to attend themed events together, and even more fun when they are trying to assemble their couple costume. Whether you’re getting ready for a themed party or Halloween, you can try out Hollywood theme.

Dressing up as Hollywood Couples – How it Works

Choosing to dress up as Hollywood couples with your costumes for couples is a great way to show up looking like your favorite star. Even if it is just one day that you look like them and pose to be them, it’s quite fun.

When brainstorming on what to wear, think of the famous style of the celebrity couple.

Tip #1: Dress Up like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

For instance, you can choose to copy Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with your couple costume.

For the woman, you should pick out the features of Angelina’s dressing in order to copy her appropriately. Typically, Angelina is seen in elegant, long dresses that flaunt her toned arms and tattoos.

For the man, you will definitely be showing up like Brad when you sport a clean but gruff appearance. In this case, complement your suit with a fedora, as well as a goatee. If you want to be cynical about it, go ahead and hug a couple of dolls to show the increasing number of their kids.

Tip #2: Try Cartoon Animated Couples

Another inspiration for your couple costumes is to copy cartoon animated couples. Often, Hollywood cartoon couples offer quite a number of recognizable costumes since they typically do not change in their looks.

In this case, some ideal costumes that a couple can replicate include Betty and Barney Rubble or Fred and Wilma Flintstone. This will work well if you don’t mind flaunting your legs.

In addition, you should go for couple costumes that involve foot-style shoe covers and wigs, which in turn will make your look more authentic. Dressing up this way as a couple will make a unique and desirable Halloween couple costume. The good news is that you don’t have to assemble the costumes from the scratch, they are available in online costume stores.

Tip #3: Dress up as Fictional Couples

One of the great costumes for couples is dressing up as fictional couples. Such costumes are based on fictional movie characters. It makes picking the right costume less of a guess work. A great example is to dress up as Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. Alternatively, go for a medieval costume to look like Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers.

Go ahead and try out these ideas for couples costumes.