Looking to buy a new manufactured home for your next project or even tiny house? Well look no further. Today, you can actually recycle your materials straight from shipping containers. No, we’re not talking about simple semi-truck trailers, we’re talking about the kind you see on barges, in land lots, and on this website. These things are HUGE and can easily be converted into a small home for you. Most of them come in 10ft, 20 ft (20 ft is one that’s usually used in commercial land delivery that we’re used to seeing), and 40 foot. What’s better? You can get refurbished and new shipping containers that vary in height and width. Shipping Containers Sale has a large amount of options that they display on their site, as well as many locations to help you get closer to building your quaint little dream home.

Are shipping containers trashy?

One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. NO, these aren’t trashy, but as a matter of fact, think of it like this – you can own a perfectly good manufactured home that is made of steel and is super sturdy. At the same time, when a survey on Woot asked people if they would live in one, over 60% of 700 people who took the survey stated they’d live in one. And to prove that they aren’t trashy, there is a house in Graceville, Australia that is on the market for over a million bucks. So… why?

Why Shipping Container Homes are Valuable?

You get all of the great security and sturdiness that shipping containers would be able to provide as far as sturdiness. Have you ever seen a semi where a shipping container falls, or the semi flips? Sure, often times there may be a “spill”, but the main thing that breaks are the doors. Shipping containers are extremely sturdy and have a lot of support to them. And they’re cheap. You can literally build your shipping container dream home for less than a hundred grand.

Not only that, but shipping containers can weigh in easily at over 2 and a half tons for a 20 ft one. So, when we use one, we’re recycling that much steel to build our homes and not throwing it to just sit and collect somewhere on the planet, right? Combine that, with solar power, insulation, and a home water re-filtering system, and a greenhouse, you can live in a completely off-the-grid fully “green” home for a very low price. These houses make a perfect off-grid home because of how environmentally easy they are to maintain when it comes to things such as electricity.


Most shipping containers are made overseas, which is why the price is so low. You can even find them on eBay for an extremely low price. It’s really not even that hard to find shipping container homes made from shipping containers overseas; There are plenty of things to choose from, and the homes themselves can be completely delivered to you. While some are made exclusively for living, there are even some shipping containers that are made into construction office buildings, and more. And they’re all cheap! Put that on a solid foundation, and you’ve got a home that is rock-solid.