If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between a comforter and a duvet, it’s simple: a duvet is a mattress-sized bag full of goose down feathers or similar synthetic, while a comforter is a larger than mattress-sized bag (so it hangs over the side of the bed) full of goose down feathers or similar synthetic, that is stitched into patterns to hold the feathers in place and keep them from sliding around inside.

That’s it. Oh, duvets usually have covers on them the way a pillow has a pillowcase on it and comforters come in a wide variety of materials, patterns, and colors but the main differences are the size and stitching. Everything after that is gravy.

Better Than an Electric Blanket

Comforters are old-fashioned accessories in the bedroom and beyond that remain a modern favorite. Electric blankets with their obligatory wires and controls can never compare to the beauty and style of a gracefully thrown comforter to upgrade the appearance of your bedroom as one of the 10 things you can do to take your home from dull to awesome.

Wrapping yourself in an electric blanket, and feeling the stiff wires running through it, can never compete with the soft coziness of a comforter pulled tight around you on a winter night while you curl up watching TV or reading your favorite book. A stack of folded comforters can make the living room cozy and inviting so people feel like they’ve stepped back through time to their grandmother’s house, along with all the warm memories of love and the smell of fresh cookies hot out of the oven.

Where To Get The Best Comforter

A Tommy Hilfiger comforter is the perfect accessory for infinity and beyond, or the bedroom and beyond, anyway. A top brand name in the bedding industry, they produce beautifully made comforters for any size bed that won’t break the budget in the process. The quality is top notch, with vibrant colors and patterns. They’re fully machine washable too.

How Are Comforters Made?

Most of us don’t think too much about the products we use every day. How many people really stop to think about the intricacies in creating the smartphone they’re carrying around in their hip pocket? Do you?

Neither does anyone else

Comforters are the same. We appreciate the snuggly warmth they provide without ever stopping to consider how they’re made, and it’s really quite fascinating. Comforters are made in several discrete steps.

  • The big bag, called a shell, is sewn together overseas, leaving on a small gap on one side. This is where the material is chosen and any patterns on it as well.
  • Then they are shipped to the factory, laying flat and empty. It saves on shipping costs to do it that way, which saves you money at checkout time when you buy a comforter.
  • Once they arrive at the factory they’re laid out on a special table and blown full of a pre-measured amount goose down feather or, these days, a synthetic alternative.
  • The open side of the bag is sewn closed and stitching is added in squares or some other repeating pattern to create smaller pockets of feathers inside the shell. This keeps the contents from shifting around or moving all to one side.
  • Tags and other branding items are added. They’re put into their clear plastic bags for shipping to the store or warehouse. At the warehouse, the plastic bags keep dust off the comforters so they’ll be fresh and clean when you order them online.

From beginning to end, this entire process (greatly oversimplified), including transoceanic shipping time from one location to another, can take up to three or four months.

Buying Size Guide

A comforter that’s too small is worse than no comforter at all. Your feet stick out or you’re constantly fighting over the covers during the night. (There’s always one covers-hog in every couple.) You might want to get a small comforter for the living room, but in the bedroom, you need to make sure you get the right size before spending your money on it.

Macy’s has a bedding buying size guide with all the major brands listed on it, including Tommy Hilfiger. The chart covers everything from Twin beds to California King, listing the length and width of the comforter you need for each bed.

Comforters are both practical and beautiful. They bring style, color, and comfort to every room they’re in. Houses need comforters to make them into a home.