Your feet are the workhorses of your body. Did you know that you take about 5,000 steps every day on average? Yep, that’s 2.5 miles! Add your body’s weight into the mix, and you’ll see how crucial your feet are. The long and short of it is that your feet could make do with some TLC. So, it time to start giving them a little bit more attention. Here’s how;

Wait. What? Yes, you can ionize your feet. Insiders call it foot detox. And there’s every reason to do so. For starters, you will get rid of harmful toxins, calm your body and improve circulation. On top of that, you’ll reduce swelling, encourage healthy blood sugar and boost your cardiovascular health.

There’s a catch though – you need to use the right foot detoxification machine. A good model such as ionizeme elite has to be powerful easy to use and portable. That way, you can detox your feet in a snap, from anywhere.

Wear the Right Shoes

Check the level of stability and support before you spend your money on any pair of shoes. Buy a one that offers stellar support if you have over-pronate or flat feet. Also, go for stable shoes if you tend plantar fasciitis.

You don’t have to wear sneakers with extra support if you have a normal arch. Further, consider the intensity of your activity. For instance, if you run or walk on rough terrain regular, you’re better off with a rugged shoe.

Soothe the Pain

Pain is a common foot problem caused by things such as pregnancy, abnormal anatomy, and poorly fitting shoes. You’re likely going to experience discomfort often if you spend long hours standing or walking.

So, how do you handle the situation?

Well, the remedy depends on the cause of soreness. You can use moist heat to deal with stressed connective tissue or overstretched muscles. You can soak your feet in warm water or portable spa for about 10 minutes. Or, you may also consider touch therapy or by arch supports for your shoes.
Manage Sweat and Odor

Sure, it’s normal for your feet to sweat. But, it’s not healthy if it happens at excessive levels. For starters, sweaty feet provide an ideal environment for growth and spread of bacteria – and that’s the reason behind the awful stench.

The best way to deal with the problem is to use antiperspirant products designed for feet use. Sneaker and foot powders will also come in handy. Wear shoes with a breathable mesh top to increase airflow.

Protect your Feet from the Cold

Brief or mild exposure to the freezing temperatures can lead to problems ranging from skin irritation to nerve damage, and poor circulation. Wear warm clothing to protect your toes.

Synthetic liners socks are perfect for keeping the suffering at bay. Avoid wearing wet socks (carry an extra pair if you have sweaty feet). Again, ensure that your shoes are a good fit.

Treat Corns and Calluses

While mild calluses and corns don’t require treatment, severe cases can be painful and uncomfortable. One of the best ways to keep thing under control is to avoid wearing high heels every day. Your shoes have to fit correctly too. Treatment options include applying salicylic acid to dissolve the corns. You can also use a pumice stone to rub off the callus.

Take Extra Care if you’re a Diabetic

You’re likely to suffer from foot ulcers, calluses, skin change, neuropathy, and other infections if you have diabetes. So, follow proper hygiene and dry your feet every day. Move around to increase circulation and avoid walking barefoot. Protect your feet from temperature changes to prevent nerve damage. Moisturize your soles every day to keep them soft.

Get Periodic Checks

You should visit a podiatrist regularly for checkups especially if you have diabetes. Also, seek medical advice if you’re experiencing pains and aches. Ask questions on how to treat your feet condition. The idea is to enable you to know how to deal with your problems before they aggravate into something more serious.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, your feet work hard and should get the treatment they deserve. Check them every day for cuts, infected toenails, and swelling. Clean them with warm water, but avoid soaking for more than 30 minutes to prevent skin dry out.

Skip the flip flops – they don’t offer adequate arch support. Rotate your shoes and don’t forget to trim your toenails with a clipper. See? It isn’t that hard to keep your feet healthy!