The fragrance that constitutes an invisible part of our lifestyle, and has a considerable effect on how people see and remember you, is worth taking note of. You shouldn’t just throw caution to the wind when using it. It can be over-used or under-used. Colognes are scents that men and women wear.

Why Wear Cologne On The Body

Before knowing where to spray cologne on the body, it is good to know why we should use the cologne spray. There are lots of benefits offered by a good cologne. A cologne spray can define our personality and outlook. It can also define our mood; making us feel more attractive, less stressed, and more confident.

A Cologne spray makes you more attractive. Smell is very important, as it determines whether people will want to associate themselves with you or not. It is actually encouraging to use a cologne, even if it is for this reason alone.

Deeper emotional connections with people can be fostered through fragrance. Smell evoke memories you are fond of. For example, you tend to remember people when you perceive their scent nearby.

A nice cologne spray adds to your overall impression. First impression lingers and matters a long way.

Not only dressing adds to your impression, your smell do! Your scent carries the air of importance or dis-value, as the case may be.

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Where To Spray Cologne On The Body

Now that we know why we should use the cologne. Let us consider where to spray cologne on the body.
Cologne shouldn’t be an after-thought. It should be pre-conceived; an idea that stays with you, in order for you to fully express it. It shouldn’t be the last thing you put on, it should actually be the first!

Talking about where to spray cologne on the body, this article will consider various parts of the body that we can apply the cologne spray.

The Hair

The hair retains fragrance well, and also leaves a trail of scent as you move from place to place. It is not advisable to spray directly into the hair (it can dry out the hair), especially if it is alcohol-based. You can spray some cologne on your hairbrush, and swipe it through your hair, without drying the hair. Your hair carries scents better, even than most parts of your body. You can also use a hair fragrance. There are fragrances specially designed for the hair to smell better, and likewise look fresher.

The Ears

You can spray your cologne behind the earlobes and on top of the ears. These spots tend to have dry skin. Try to moisturise before applying the scent, as an oily skin makes fragrance to last longer than a dry skin.

The Neck

For the neck, you can wear a necklace or bracelet that had been infused with a cologne spray. You might not want to apply directly to the skin of the neck, this is a very good option.

The Elbows

The inside of the elbows is one of the pulse points that helps fragrance to develop faster. The pulse points are areas where blood vessels are closest to the skin. The chest, wrists, elbow, jaw and forearm are examples of these points. These areas produce more heat, therefore diffusing your fragrance into the air quickly.

The Belly Button

Your navel is also a good spot for some drops of cologne. It is also one of the spots that radiates heat, thereby enhancing a scent. Most especially, when you wear a crop top or bikini (as a female), you should practice the above suggestion.

The Knees

There is also a pulse point behind the knee. It is a soft area behind the knees that is so perfect for a cologne spry. As you cross your legs and move around, especially when you wear a dress, the scents will kick up.

The Ankles

The ankles are always in motion. Cologne spray applied here helps to spread the fragrance faster. So, before you wear that favourite heel, try spraying some cologne on your ankles.

Tips in Application of the Cologne Spray

  • Find the right cologne yourself. You need to be able to find the right cologne that suits and defines you. Do not let someone get it for you. Know how to select and use your scents.
  • Buy good cologne. Of course, cost can be a determinant factor in getting a quality cologne, but do not settle for one that is badly made. Invest in quality long-lasting ones, you will definitely see the difference. It is good to always buy from a department store, or cosmetic store. One of the good predictor of a good cologne is its sturdy bottle and heavy caps.
  • Do not use over-powering cologne. You don’t have to wear a cologne that disturbs the peace of others smell. Apply your cologne spray lightly so that you won’t be embarrassed by stares from people around.
    Be consistent. Don’t be a one-day on, one-day off cologne user. Do well to build up your signature scent with constant use. Apply your cologne everyday.
  • Do not hoard your scent. Usually, colognes last for three years. The natural oils in the cologne can expire. Don’t wait around to use your cologne for a later date, use it.
  • Don’t rub the cologne into your skin. After applying the cologne, it is a bad habit to rub it into the skin. Spray and then allow some seconds for it to dry, and then you put on your clothes.
  • Hold the spray bottle few inches away from the body. To avoid over-applying, you shouldn’t hold the bottle any closer than 3 inches. To avoid under-applying, you shouldn’t hold the bottle any further than 6 inches.
  • Reapply to the wrists. When the fragrance starts wearing off, you don’t need to spray the whole body (especially when you are out already). just spray the wrists, and you will be fine.

So, we have seen that smell can be a very good advantage to our personalities, outlooks, and even businesses! Find a signature scent that you are very much comfortable with; one that complements your natural scent.