When you look to buy college papers online you will inevitably find hundreds of options. This will include free papers and paid. Free is better so you should just choose them, right? This is not the case. Below OnlineCollegeEssay.com will explain the differences between paid and free papers and why free is not always best.

College Papers for Sale: Free

When you search to buy essays online and find the many that are free, they can be very enticing. You think that you have hit the jackpot and are set. Free college papers for sale online are riddled with issues. Some of these issues include copy and paste text, improper source references, and reused text. With any of these factors in your essay, you risk receiving a lower grade or no grade at all. With free college essays for sale, you will not be able to know the content you are receiving has not been used before. Turning in papers that are plagiarized will lower your scores and can cost you the grade altogether. Other consequences may be involved if the paper has been used for someone else’s work before. These are guarantees you cannot get when you choose to buy college papers online in the free category.

College Papers for Sale: Paid

College essays for sale on OnlineCollegeEssay.com are all paid papers. With paid help for your papers, you will receive a higher quality of work. The work you receive when you buy college essays online through a paid service will be completely customizable for your needs. You will be able to set perimeters and choose specific topics. You have the ability to define the number of sources you need and the source reference style you need to be used. Another advantage with paid websites is that you will have a guarantee that the paper was written for you. It will not be a copy and paste paper.

OnlineCollegeEssay.com offers you the benefit of college papers that will pass all of the plagiarism software professors use to verify your work. They will also provide you with papers that show engagement, quality, and thorough thought. This will help you achieve higher marks for your turned in papers.

Here is a breakdown of the services you will receive with free vs. paid papers.


Included in Service Free Paid
Original Text no yes
Customized Outline no yes
Number of Sources no yes
Plagiarism Free Content no yes
Quality Assurance no yes
Professional Assistance no yes
Customizable Help no yes
Quick Turn Around yes yes

As you can see from the list above, the benefits of a paid site far outweigh those of a free site. OnlineCollegeEssay.com prides itself in providing their clients with help for their specific needs. They understand that each paper needs to be unique and engaging for the reading. That each paper needs to show that thought was put into following the instructions and that said instructions were incorporated completely into the paper. Thus, providing an exceptional paper to help you make the grade.