Professionals in the bridal industry always watch for Bridal Fashion Week to prepare for the coming trends. This year the royal weddings have had an equal influence on brides around the world. We will explore the trends that these factors have inspired.


If you had to describe the trend for 2019 with one word, that word would be contrast. The cut of the gowns is both full-volume skirts and form-fitting silhouette or mermaid cuts. You will also see brides in beautiful pantsuits, and jumpsuits of white. Many brides are taking advantage of the trend by wearing their bridal gown for the wedding and changing into the wedding jumpsuits for the reception.

They are beautiful and comfortable. Bridesmaids can wear pantsuits to compliment the bride in her dress.

Brides will be wearing very sexy plunging necklines for gowns with a low-cut back. Just as trendy is the gown with the high-cut Victorian style. For the bride who wants something less extreme, you will see a lot of most necklines. A lovely sweetheart neckline is sexy but gives the illusion of coverage when a mock top of lace is layered over the top. This is the year for long sleeves. Some gowns have long sleeves that hug the arm. Others include the newest fashion statement with bell-sleeves.


You will see the influence of the royal wedding with accessories. Gowns are decorated with a lot of sparkle and glamour. Pearls add glimmer and shine to the gowns with an abundance of lace.

Veils are taking a break this year as brides wear beautiful tiaras. Bridesmaids are wearing hair combs or wearing no hair accessories.

The wedding cape is very popular. Attached to the shoulders or the neck, the cape replaces traditional trains. The capes have evolved and are more beautiful than ever. Capes are sometimes trimmed in lace or faux fur.


Purple hues are making the scenes. Blushing pink has long been the go-to color but this year lavender will take the stage. Other colors that are trending include, burgundy, wine, deep red, navy, and black.

This is the year of formal weddings. This usually means hem-lines will be floor-length. Bridesmaids dresses with a split up the leg are trending.

Junior Bridesmaids and flower girls

Junior bridesmaids are dressed like the other bridesmaids with a few important changes. Be cautious before dressing a junior bridesmaid in a gown that sweeps the floor. She is prone to have more trouble maneuvering the dress. Do not dress her in a shoe with a heel that is too high for her comfort. Of course, the dress for your younger bridal party members should be age appropriate. Plunging necks, scoop backs, and thigh-high splits are not a good idea.

Flower girls are usually dressed in white. The dress does not have to be like the bridesmaids or the bride. A pretty dress with bows and lace is perfect for a young child.

There are more than a few dresses that fall into the above-mentioned categories. Seek the help of an expert. She will know the right cut and style for your body type. Explore the various shades of white or ivory to see which color looks best on you. The selection for bride dresses in 2019 is wide. The perfect dress awaits you.