Psoriasis is a very unpleasant condition that is said to affect more than 7-million people in the USA alone. It is a chronic condition – there is no known cure – that results in unsightly skin, and also many problems that are unseen to the onlooker. Psoriasis can have a huge and detrimental effect on the daily life of a suffer. Constant itching and burning sensations become more than irritating, swollen and very painful joints are also a symptom.

There are treatments that are frequently prescribed for sufferers of psoriasis. These include a variety of drugs that are effective, yet which also come with side-effects that are often unavoidable. There is a lot of research into psoriasis ongoing, as the actual cause of the ailment remains unknown – hence the inability to find a cure.

It’s no surprise, then, that many psoriasis sufferers have turned to alternative medicine for help. Indeed, more than ever before, sufferers are using CBD oil as a treatment. CBD – Cannabidiol – is one of more than 100 separate compounds found in the cannabis plant. Research is continuing into what benefit CBD – and other compounds – may bring medicinally. So far, while not passed as a prescribed drug in the USA, CBD oil has been used by many people as a pain reliever, and with great success.
Can it be of use to psoriasis sufferers? Let’s have a closer look!

Why Use CBD?

We mentioned that CBD is an extract of the cannabis plant. Rest assured, it will not get you ‘high’. This is because cannabidiol does not include the cannabis compound that produces the psychoactive effect, which is known as THC. What CBD has been found to do, however, is bring about the calming, relaxing effect, induce pain relief in many users, and – among other things – help those who have trouble sleeping.

It has also been found to be a very useful substance where psoriasis is concerned. Now, we have to say at this point that as research is still ongoing, it is important to remember we are not doctors! What we are doing here is drawing on user experiences – and indeed a good deal of clinical research – that has shown CBD to be of use as a pain reliever, and also in the treatment of psoriasis. We will add that, should you choose to try CBD for your psoriasis, it is sensible to talk to your doctor about it, and come up with a plan.

CBD is entirely natural – you can learn more about it and what it is used for at many reliable sources on the internet – and bar a few sometimes-seen side effects, such as a dry mouth and occasional dizziness, is also safe for use. Make note: it is also entirely legal in every state of the USA, as long as it has been manufactured from industrial hemp, or is made from hemp imported from Europe. We recommend very strongly that you stick only to the brands in the main reviews, as there have been reports of sub-standard products being offered at very low prices.

What CBD Does for Psoriasis

As we have said, research into CBD and psoriasis is ongoing, but here’s a bit about what has been seen so far in people who use it. It is believed that not only does applying CBD – as a cream – to the skin and the scalp help with the symptoms of pain and itching, but in fact it may actually be effective in reducing the skin cell growth that appears to be the possible cause of the condition.

In other words, while not medically approved, there is plenty of evidence that sufferers of psoriasis can benefit in more than one way from the use of CBD, which is a safe, natural product, so talk to your doctor now and see what you can do.