Are you looking for ways to get rid of paint from your concrete exteriors? Well, a pressure washer will do the trick. Pressure washing is an effective way of removing paint from any surface within a short period of time. Pressure washers are used for a variety of purposes including washing garage doors, cars, fences, garden furniture and cleaning greases off the BBQ

There are also available options that come with a maximum output of 4000 psi and can effectively strip off paint from concrete. The fact that concrete is porous means that it easily absorbs paint. Hence, it can be difficult removing the stained paint, especially on concrete. This is where a pressure washer comes in handy. With high pressure levels, the best pressure washer will drastically blast away the layers of paint and minimize the time required for removing paint.

However, in order to effectively get the work done, it is best to pick the right brand of pressure washer. The pressure levels and flow rates of different machines may vary, and this will determine their ability to completely clean the surface. For instance, a pressure washer with too little pressure is unlikely to remove all the paint. On the other hand, cleaning machines with pressure levels as high as 2000-3,000 PSI and a flow rate of 70 GPM are a great choice.

Another important tip is to select the right coded tips of the power washers. The red tip which is 0 degrees has a high level of pressure and is not a good choice for striping paint off wood. The white tip is 40 degrees and is effective for paint removal on a large surface. According to some pressure washer surface cleaner reviews, the green tip which is 25 degrees and the yellow tip which is 15 degrees are the best selections when it comes to paint removal.

Steps for cleaning paint from concrete using a pressure washer

The size of the pressure washer will depend with the paint removal job

What you will need:

  • Pressure washer
  • Rubber gloves
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Broom
  • Safety glasses
  • Respirator
  • Chemical paint stripper

Step 1: Prepare the stained surface

Before beginning any job, it’s important to prepare the stained surface by cleaning it thoroughly. Make sure you sweep or wipe the stained surface in order to get rid of dirt, dust, or any debris. If possible, scrap away any loose paint using a putty knife or scraper. This is especially important if you are trying to remove oil-based paint from the concrete.

Then, allow the surface to dry completely for some hours.

Step 2: Apply paint stripper to the surface

The type of paint stripper you use will depend on the type of paint stain. For water-based paint, you will need a solution of methylated spirits or any water-based paint stripper. If it’s oil-based paint, be sure to use an oil-based paint stripper. However, if you are uncertain of the type of paint stain, it is wise to opt for an oil-based paint stripper.

Pour the solution directly on the stained surface and let it sit for 6-8 hours or overnight. Note: it’s important to wear protective gear when applying the paint stripper as it can be harmful to your health. Use a thick pair of rubber gloves, a respirator, and long sleeved clothes.

Step 3: Blast the paint

The next step is to set the correct nozzle of your pressure washer and blast away the paint stripper residue. Setting the cleaning machine at 3000 psi and using the proper tip will get the job done fast and effectively. Ensure that the nozzle is moving at all times and spray it downwards to direct the paint chips away from the surface.

A pressure washer will work well if you are focusing on a large surface area. However, if the stained area is compact and small, consider using a paint scraper or scrub brush to remove the residue. You may also need to scrap the paint chip that was not removed by the pressure washer.

The correct pressure level and nozzle will strip off the paint completely


As seen above, it is possible to get rid of paint stains on the concrete using a pressure washer. Selecting a pressure washer with the correct level of pressure will guarantee the most effective cleaning for your concrete.

Therefore, if you have just completed a painting project and want to get rid of the paint stains, be sure to rent or buy the best gas pressure washer. This will save you both time and money and give you the best cleaning results.