As more people begin to use CBD, there is often the concern that it may become abused and people can get addicted to it. This thought is usually influenced by the fact that CBD comes from cannabis and a good number of people are abusing the marijuana plant for its euphoric feeling, and are suffering from one addiction or the other. This has made people wonder if CBD would not also give them the same feeling of dependency.

To understand it clearly first, we need to understand what CBD is and what gives marijuana that euphoric feeling.

What is CBD

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in the Cannabis plant. This compound, together with over a hundred others, belongs to the group called cannabinoids. They are thought to affect the body, altering the mood and feelings of the consumer. CBD helps to calm the body, relaxing it and returning it to its normal state. CBD works by reacting with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), facilitating the activation of serotonin and adenosine receptors, for dealing with pain.

CBD comes from hemp trees, where it is found in high abundance

Now, there is also another cannabinoid called Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. This also affects the body too, but in a different way, giving off a psychoactive feeling, making the user feel high. It is that substance that makes marijuana what it is. THC is in abundance in marijuana plants and found less in Hemp plants. Although marijuana plants may contain a good amount of CBD, but not so much that it overtakes THC.

Hemp CBD v Marijuana CBD

People derive CBD from both of these plants. However, under the law, only one is legal, which is hemp. Because hemp contains very little amounts of THC, it is not usually pronounced in CBD extracts and is most times below 0.3%, which is the legal maximum. The reason for this is so that the consumer does not experience any of the high effects.

However, that is not so for anyone who consumes the marijuana variant. The plant is so rich in THC that any CBD extracted from it contains a high level of THC. So while users may get the benefits of CBD, they would also expect the effects of THC. As of now, marijuana is still illegal in most states, except for some states that have legalized it for medical purposes, and a few that have also legalized it for recreational purposes.


Many people use CBD because of the immense health benefits associated with it. The substance is thought to be able to treat and manage several health issues like epilepsy, arthritis pain, spasms, and even cancer. Some use it as a skincare routine or to get rid of acne. Others use it to cope with anxiety, trauma or depression. The benefits are huge and more and more people continue to use it, either through oils or vaping.

Besides humans, CBD is also good for pets. CBD for pets like dogs, helping them to control nausea, deal with spasms, and relieve stress.

It is observed that CBD can treat a number of health issues of your pets including pain, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea. Some studies have also claimed that it helps in decreasing the frequency of seizures in most dogs.

CBD hemp oil contains cannabinoids which are extracted from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. This provides health benefits of the hemp plant to pets without any side effects. Also, these cannabinoids help to turn on the ECS in pets that make the body to work at an optimal health level.CBD is act as great medicine in the treatment of dog diseases. But before using for your pet you need to consult from the doctor.

Possible Abuse

It is an all-around important drug, but many people still fear that it can be abused. This is also unlikely, due to the fact that users do not experience any extra feeling, such as what comes with THC. People usually abuse a drug or substance because it alters their moods, making them feel how they would not have ordinarily felt. This creates a system of dependency when the individual continues to take the drug in order to feel that way.

Since CBD does nothing except heal and return the body to a normal state, it is unlikely for anyone to get addicted to it or think of abusing it. A consumer would not notice any new feeling but would notice that their pain has reduced or that their spasms are controlled. Such a person may only then take CBD whenever they feel pains or have spasms. That is for a purpose, as there seems to be no benefit in taking CBD when there is no actual problem.

Also, increasing the quantity of CBD does not change anything. The studies have shown that overdosing on CBD may not be possible due to the way it works, reacting with ECS. It does not in any way affect the central nervous system, like THC, which makes people feel high after taking it.

Most people who use CBD may have it prescribed by doctors or other practitioners and the rest who do not have any prescription use it because of the benefits they can get. CBD is a great alternative medicine, being better than opioids in some cases, which makes people turn to it.

However, it is advised to get a prescription to know if CBD would have an effect on your body. Otherwise, you may just take it and not notice anything at all.

The probability of people abusing CBD is minimal as it still affects the body in an almost natural way and works to heal or treat the body from a variety of ailments or diseases. It is not a substance anyone would take on impulse without a proper reason due to the fact that there is nothing to gain, besides restored health and a more relaxed body.