A Merchant Account Solutions Clover POS system for your business can be a powerful tool to increase sales on many different fronts. A complete lineup of devices allows you to choose the right combination of machines, software and hardware to enable your company to operate at peak efficiency. Best of all, you’ll be able to take nearly every payment method in wide use today, including chip cards, debit cards, touchless payments, phone payments and more. This ensures that the customer will always be able to use his or her preferred method of payment.

Drive Sales With Functional Tech

Nowadays, POS devices do more than take payments. Devices such as the Booker POS have the following multiple capabilities:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Marketing ability
  • Record-keeping capacity
  • Secure payment acceptance

The system also offers customer-friendly screens with bright visual displays for ease of use. The inventory tracking means your employees will always know what products are on hand and when new ones need to be ordered. This boosts sales by having the necessary products and resources available.

The Clover Flex unit can take orders anywhere on your facility with its portability and WiFi connectivity. Employees can bring the devices to customers and complete the transaction in quick fashion. Swift service satisfies customers and encourages repeat business.

Enhance Profits for Retail

The right POS system for your business upgrades record keeping, management functions and analytics. It provides insights on which products are best sellers and which ones are underutilized. You are able to see a clearer picture of business opportunities and may be inspired to make bold marketing decisions. Tech that works quickly and securely means you spend less time on problems and more time on providing the best service to your clients, whether you work in hospitality, sales or service.

Get the best for your company with a Merchant Account Solutions Clover POS system. It will help your business run smoothly.