Some people have a love-hate relationship with smaller living spaces. On one hand, a small space is cozier, has smaller energy bills, and requires less money to furnish. On the other, it’s small. When you bring in your furniture from your previous apartment, it can all feel a bit congested.

What’s more, it takes getting used to. If you’re cooking in the kitchenette, then you must remember to open the windows and close the bedroom doors. You also try to walk more carefully to avoid getting bruised on every part of your ankle. A smaller living space feels especially small when guests are over. It’s challenging to find them a place to sit or sleep with the wrong furniture.

Thankfully, there are ways to transform the look of your small home. Not only can you make it look bigger, but you can make it feel bigger.

Start by selling almost all your big-sized furniture. Even the huge favorite dining table that helped you host your first dinner part. Put ads in the classifieds or give it away to the needy.
Now that your home is clear of the wrong fitting furniture, start again. Go to your favorite furniture chain to buy sectional sofas for condos and apartments that are designed to look big but take up less space. Choose sofas that are made of leather and are a dark color. Even if they’re a bit expensive, they’re worth it. Your condo will look classier, more inviting, and more comfortable with them gracing your living room.

Get a sofa bed. Remember, you’ve downsized, and you don’t have a guest bedroom. Buy a comfortable sofa bed to play two roles in your home. It will be a nice secondary couch for your guests, and it can serve as an extra bed in a pinch. Make sure it’s comfortable. Should you ever be in the doghouse after a disagreement with your significant other, you’ll be spending a night or two on it.

Finally, get a two-in-one coffee table that opens and functions as a storage device. Instead of shelves cluttering up your walls and making your small apartment look smaller, use this to store your books.

Yes, your significant other may not appreciate this move, but that’s why you have the sofa bed.

Similarly, find a two-in-one bed frame with big drawers. You can use these to store your linen and other items. Remember not to leave them open though, or your ankles will get a nasty surprise.

If you must have shelves, then consider getting them custom made to fit the angles of your walls. If you decide to move out, you can even sell them to the next person fortunate enough to be living here.

Consider adding lots of mirrors. They can sneakily make your living space look much bigger than it is.

They also reflect light and can help reduce your bills. To make your home even livelier, buy some potted plants for the corners of your house.

While living in a smaller apartment isn’t ideal, with some creativity you can make it a lovely and inviting living space.