Best Wooden Flooring Ideas. All types of wooden flooring can be laid over practically any sub-floor, including floorboards, concrete, old tiles or a boarded surface, as long as the surface is sound, dry and flat. Reclaimed timber flooring, however, is a slightly different proposition as it won’t be neatly cut to size and it’s also difficult to judge what it will look like once it’s been finished.

Take advice from the supplier on how much to buy and which finish to choose, and always ensure that you’ve bought enough – it will be tiresome to track down similar boards elsewhere. It’s also worth experimenting with cleaning and/or finishes on a spare board before installation.

As it is an integral part of the room and colour scheme, you should choose your timber floor at the start of the redecoration or refurbishment project. According to how light or dark the floor is, it can affect how paint and paper colours appear. Although some timber flooring, such as parquet, solid hardwood and reclaimed boards, can be darkened or lightened by sanding down and re-varnishing, it’s not a job you are likely to want to do very often.

Choosing your own wooden flooring, though, is not an easy task. Before making your choice, you should explore diverse types of woods, textures, colors, and the price range you can afford. Try to picture what you want the final product to look like. What style? Is there a particular design you have in mind? Maybe a specific pattern? Consider the abuse your floor will take from any inside animals or children, and factor that into your decision as well.

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