The home office is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular in the organization of the workflow. Working at home is comfortable, and there is no need to spend extra time and money. In addition, it is very simple to organize your own workspace, even in a small area. It is enough to study the simple principles of interior planning and repair, for example, from here and starts working.

The Office on the Balcony

Let’s start with the most popular place. This is a loggia. Many people underestimate this corner in the apartment and overwhelm it with all sorts of rubbish. But even on the smallest heated balcony, you can organize a mini-office especially if you use a foldable office desk. There is a lot of light, it is isolated from the rest of the apartment and does not take away precious square meters from living space.

The Office in the Kitchen

The kitchen often becomes the most spacious and the brightest place in the whole house, so there is nothing wrong with organizing a workplace here. As a privilege, you will be close to the refrigerator to take sweets.

The Office in the Corner

This option will help to use even the most secluded corner in the apartment as a compact workplace. Here you can put a chair and a small corner table or a functional transforming table, which is mounted on the wall. It takes up minimal space and does not visually overload the room. If you do not work every day and you do not need a permanent workplace, you can use a model with a hinged lid.

The Office Under the Stairs

If you are a happy owner of a two-story apartment or a country house, then you probably have a ladder. And under the stairs, there is always room for a table and shelves for working materials and documents.

The Office on the Windowsill

To turn the windowsill into a comfortable working area, you only need to replace the standard PVC coating with a wide and durable tabletop. The minimum depth, in this case, is 50 cm (this is exactly how much space is needed for a laptop and a desk lamp). This option looks most advantageous in the Scandinavian interior.

The Office in a Free Niche

Almost in an apartment or house there is a niche that is difficult to use in the interior. Such a niche can be reorganized into a home office with a fairly simple set of pieces of furniture: several hanging shelves, a tabletop, a chair, a lamp. It can also be a cabinet design. One of the advantages of this option is the ability to hide the workplace simply by closing the doors.

Feel free to use these ideas in order to create a cozy home office, increase your productivity and salary level as well!