If you love scuba diving, you may have a bucket list of places you want to scuba dive at around the world. Some may be realistic that you can combine on another trip, and some may be a goal that will take years to accomplish.

Regardless, it’s always fun to learn where different spots in the world are for scuba diving and why. Some of the best places in the world to scuba dive are little known.

Barracuda Point, Malaysia

First on our list is Barracuda Point in Malaysia. This is a great scuba dive spot because sharks can come swimming past you. Barracuda also surround you. You will see a lot of large species in the water here too, including turtles and parrotfish.

Gran Cenote, Mexico

Our second recommendation is Gran Cenote in Mexico. This place has amazing caves that are great to swim through. It is not super deep and is great if you are not as advanced. The water is clear and a beautiful blue color.

Yongala, Australia

The third location on our list is the Yongala in Australia. This is located near Queensland. You can see bull sharks, tiger sharks, octopus, and so much more. It also is located where a shipwreck occurred. This location is beautiful, and you are sure to see a lot of beautiful sea life.

Thistlegorm, Egypt

The fourth area on our list is Thistlegorm which is in the Red Sea in Egypt. Again, there was a wreck located in this area. The blue thistle was attacked in the air and went into the sea. If you love diving into history, you will love this spot.

Manta Ray Night Dive, Hawaii

There cannot be a list of great scuba diving spots without including Hawaii. That is why our fifth location is Manta Ray Night Dive in Hawaii. This is located in Kona. You need to ensure the rays do not hit you, but you will see many amazing animals and have a great experience.

The Blue Hole, Belize

The sixth location on our list is in beautiful Belize. Belize is a scuba divers dream. It has vibrant colors and has a deep blue hole where the water transitions from salt water to fresh water in only 50 feet. You see amazing animals and caverns on this dive.

Richelieu Rock, Thailand

We are headed back to Asia for our next favorite spot. Richelieu Rock, Thailand is a beautiful spot that has low tides and is popular for seeing batfish and barracuda. If you love taking pictures and photography, you must see this place.

Blue Heron Bridge, Florida

Our final recommendation for great scuba diving spots in the world is Blue Heron Bridge in Florida. This beautiful spot is only 12 feet under the water. You will spot many beautiful fish and striated frogfish.

Enjoy one of the best spots to scuba dive in the United States and enjoy Florida in the process.

In order to have a great dive make sure you have all the correct gear with you. Items like a good dive watch and your regular equipment will make your diving experience abroad that much better. We hope you add at least one of these places to your wish list!