Guns are a dime a dozen, but it does not come cheap. On average, a high-end rifle can cost around $1000 to $3000 depending on the make and model of the product.

Higher-end guns tend to be more expensive because it comes with better quality, accuracy, and provides an outstanding performance. Also, they are less prone to lodging and jamming.

This is why choosing the perfect gift for gun lovers can be burdensome. Plus, most gun collectors are a bit specific about which rifles to get.

So, if you do not want to take a plunge into buying a rifle, here are some of the most innovative gun collector gift ideas around.

Gun Lock

Owning a firearm requires thoughtful consideration of use and storage. Among the prime ways to safely store and secure firearms is using a gun lock.

A gun lock helps in minimizing and eliminating the danger of injury, property damage, or unintentional death as a result of improper handling, storage, and possession of firearms. In choosing gun safes, there are multiple types of gun locks such as cable locks, combination, locks, keyed locks, and trigger locks.

Each lock comes with its own benefits and significant drawbacks as well. It is advisable to pick a lock that enables your receiver to unlock their firearms quickly in any circumstance.


Aero precision rails are also a great gift option for gun lovers. It promotes extreme movability and versatility to help the user adjust for specified placement of each item.

In most cases, precision rails come in strips of polymer or metal. Popular designs include weaver, Picatinny, NATO Accessory, and the dovetail rail.

Unlike gun locks, choosing the right type of rail can be a bit tricky with the rise of modern pistols.

In old times, rail systems were usually based upon the upper receiver or the handguard of a weapon. On the other hand, modern guns feature aero precision rails that are typically fastened on the underside of the barrel.

Consider asking the receiver the make and model of their guns beforehand to find an appropriate rail that can help align the equipment. Remember that the amount of rail space allows personal adjustment and optimization for better accuracy.

Pistol Gun Case

Every collector knows that guns are excellent tools that need to be cared for to perform on a high-level precision.

It requires regular cleaning, maintenance, and repair. When not in use, the rifle can be placed in a small storage compartment, like a gun case that keeps the armor well-protected.

Gun cases come in canvas, oiled cotton, suede leather, plain cotton, and nylon. Some recent examples are packed with a rubber-like material that is sewn around the carry handle or the barrel-end portion.

Opt for a case that is specifically designed to withstand drops, rain, water, and mud.

Also, steer clear of gun cases made of fuzzy and soft wool linings. These cases hold excess moisture, which can negatively impact the performance of the gun.