Tackling an essay on your own can be initially intimidating, especially if this is your first time doing it at a college level. You are right to be a little scared.Expectations are much higher when you get to tertiary education institutions. Here are some writings tips from professional writers that will help you write in a stronger, more confident style.

 Watch Out For Repetition

It’s acceptable practice to reiterate a point you want to make but be careful when it comes to the constant repetition of favorite words and phrases, especially if they are stand out ones.

Example 1: “The methods used in this experiment were relatively new methods, and some of the methods had never before been tested.”

You may not spot this repetition when you are proofreading your essay because the sentence makes sense. For a reader, however, they may find the constant use of the word “methods” slightly distracting. Use the Thesaurus function on your writing program to come up with an alternative you can use, such as “procedures.”

Example 2: “Thus, the person walking down the street was not aware of it. They continued to walk away. Thus, the incident went unreported.”

Many students find a word they believe denotes an intellectual style of writing and stick it in as many places in their essay as possible. Because these words are so unique, they stay in the readers mind more than a simple word does. Try to limit the use of exceptional words to once per essay. Other culprits are: purportedly, extrapolate, and elucidate.


The use of periods, colons, and commas can be challenging for many. Instead of breaking up a long sentence with lots of commas, try turning it into two shorter sentences instead. Proper punctuation and sentence variation makes the discourse easier to follow for the reader.

Do some research into the finer points of hyphenation, semi-colons, and colons. These are all excellent things to use when you want to break up a long sentence or paragraph. These punctuation marks have a bonus effect of making your writing look more professional than it otherwise would. If all of this has got you thinking: “Is there anyone out there who can help me write my paper?” then you should consider hiring a custom writing service to write your paper for you.

The last word on punctuation is a tricky one. It has caused a lot of discussion and debate—we are talking about the exclamation mark or point. There is one school of thought that firmly believe an exclamation point does not belong anywhere in the world of academia. Then there is another sect who think it can add something to a sentence if used in the appropriate place and the right fashion.

Most writers have the belief that exclamation points are acceptable in written speech and unacceptable in a written essay. So, try keeping your exclamation points for your texts and not the classroom. For the most part, they are seen as unprofessional.