When planning your business travel abroad or locally, you require ample time to prepare with no distraction. It is less spontaneous as there are things you need to schedule ahead of time. As much as you enjoy the idea of having fun along the way, you need to balance the business aspect as well.

You have to attend a business meeting, an event you are a guest, hotel to book. And while for someone traveling for pleasure may not have to worry about the dressing code, it is a different story for your case. Often the to-do-list, for travel plan from home to where to park at the airport normally is placed low down. Nonetheless, neglecting it could cost you money, time and hassle.

Let’s face it; planning for business travel isn’t always fun. However, there are simple things you can do before you travel to minimize car parking discomfort and to maximize your enjoyment as you travel for business.

Book your Space Early

One of the best deals that many people fail to take advantage of is an early booking. So, book your space early and avoid parting with hefty cash for booking during the last minutes. For instance, Baltimore Washington Airport Parking is the best example where you earn a discount for securing your car parking space days before your traveling date.

Also, note that as you book in advance, choose cancel-able to avoid those unavoidable circumstances.

Quality Services

If you are searching for your car parking space online, be on the lookout for companies that offer quality services. No traveler is happy to collect their car back from the trip, and the only experience they can remember is shoddy services. It matters a lot how the company you are parking with handles customers throughout the booking and the release process.

You can search for review online to see how customers they have served in the past said of the company. If the response is positive, you can proceed to finalize your booking and enjoy your trip stress-free.

Check for Car Safety

Scrutinize the company you decide to book for your car space and ensure it has park mark accreditation. It gives you confidence knowing the car park you have chosen has undergone independent inspection to exhaust essential security specifications. Top comparison sites display car parks that have an award for quality security services like BWI Parking does thus giving business travelers confidence.

Choose Parking Services that Suits Your Needs

Every traveler needs vary from others, and therefore it’s prudent you go for parking space that enhances your travel experience.

Meet & Greet

If you are that person, who is keen on time, going for this option can convenience your travel process. For this service, you are met by an insured driver at the terminal and assist you in offloading your luggage before proceeding to park your vehicle at a safe place. The same process is repeated on return, as you find the driver waiting for you outside the terminal and your car ready.

Again they help put the luggage in the car trunk, hand you the keys, and drive your way home. The meet and greet service is a bit pricey than park & ride; however, it’s ideal for your business type of traveler.

Park and Ride

Park & ride is a service where you drive your car to a distance parking from the airport. After you park the car, a shuttle bus is put ready with your luggage to transfer you to the airport. You are going to cover some distance, getting driven by the shuttle bus which usually takes short distance. It is the right choice if you are on a budget.

Short Term Parking

For short-term parking, it helps you park your car near the airport terminals. Short term is the most convenient parking service as you waste no time, and the distance to your terminal is few steps. The services reduce hassle for you, so even if you have several items with you, it becomes easier pushing them to the terminal point. If you may be having a short notice business meeting and involves traveling on an airplane, it can suit your case. BWI airport has a hassle-free process for this service as those traveling on short notice find it convenient though expensive.

Long-Term Parking

In other words, the service is called satellite parking. This service allows you to leave your automobile in the airport car park for a couple of days or weeks. It is the most convenient and the one that makes you enjoy your business travel with no worry. You should make sure your parking space provides 24-hours surveillance for safety and to avoid damage issues. Most travelers go for trips worrying about the safety of their car when they come back.

Long-term parking is a service you can enjoy no matter how long you stay away; you cannot regret choosing it. Make an early booking to get early enticing discounts.


If you follow the shared airport parking tips for business travels, it can be a game-changer for your next trip. Choose the process that resonates with your travel needs and the service tailored to complement your travel experience.