Whether you are an up and coming writer or a seasoned one, you have to explore new writing ideas and technologies. One of the new ways of writing that are gaining popularity is writing by dictation. This involves using a recording device such as a smartphone or dictaphone to capture everything you want to write, transferring the file to a computer and then using some online tools to convert audio file to text.

You also have the option of dictating directly into your laptop, with your online transcriber then converting the audio to text in real time. Right from that description, it is easy to see why writing by dictation is a great idea. But what are the main benefits that you can expect by using this method?

Health Reasons

There was a time when minor health problems forced writers to stop working completely. Think of any injury affecting your arms or hands or in serious cases, being bedridden. With dictation, however, such health issues cannot be a barrier to writing. If you are feeling well enough and creative enough, just get your recording device and let it flow.

Furthermore, dictation offers a more healthy and flexible working environment. You can dictate standing up, while on a walk and from anywhere. This is great for avoid back and spinal problems that are associated with spending endless hours hunched over a desk.

Improved Writing Speed and Stamina

Most writers are fast at typing, but none can beat dictation. This is because it only takes a few minutes to convert audio file to text once you get it online. This means that you can get more work done within the same working hours.

As people who work with strict deadlines, this feature comes in handy. If you consider the fact that you will not get as tired dictating as you would typing, then you realize that you can get a lot more done by dictation.

Increased Creativity

As most writers will agree, being less fatigued while writing enables one to do better and more creative writing. When you are not tied to your desk means that you can write from where you are most comfortable. Just go to that place you feel most relaxed and most creative, whip out your recording device and write away. With dictation, it is also quite easy and convenient to edit your work as you go along.

Saves Time- a LOT of Time

It’s no secret that typing takes up a lot of time for a writer. With dictation, you are literally skipping the typing phase and directly having what is on your mind go from your mouth to the paper. The time saved will help you meet your deadlines, while also giving you enough time to review and edit your work. As a busy writer, dictation will also help you have more time away from work, which is important to live a well-balanced life.

There are other benefits to dictation, such as convenience and flexibility while working. You will also have a good reference for the original drafts to your work, in case you need to get back to them. With all this in mind, the next step is to find appropriate and effective audio to text converter online. While you will be spoilt for choice,audio to text transcription service Audext.com has proven itself to be a premier and invaluable resource for writers.

This particular platform is able to automatically convert most audio files such as MP3, WAV and WMV to text conveniently, quickly and accurately. It is an online platform in the form of a website, (no App needed) whereby the writer can then edit the text right from the website. With Audext, each word gets tied to the audio file, thereby making it easy to go back and forth between the text and the audio.

In cases where there is more than one speaker, this system is able to distinguish between the speakers and record their speech differently. This means that you can click on a word in the text, which will take you to the audio and you can identify who said that word. This means that professionals such as journalists, podcasters, students and researchers can use the platform in their work. In fact, other professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, and even musicians use Audext to transcribe audio to text in their lines of work.

It is, however, important to note some of the limitations of the platform. For one, you cannot type the text and expect the system to generate an audio file. Two, it does not transcribe video files to text. Thirdly, it is not a generator that will fill in the gaps for you, it can only write what has been said. To enjoy all the benefits of Audext, ensure that there is no background noise while recording or transcribing. All in all, try Audext today and evaluate the difference for yourself.