Aside from choosing a university and course, college students also have to decide if they should live on or off-campus. The accommodation they end up choosing can significantly affect their ability to study and eventually, their performance as a student. For you to better weigh your options, check this site, and continue reading this article.

SUNY is a campus that offers degrees in science, teacher education, and visual and performing arts. Once you choose to live on campus similar to what SUNY offers, you’ll be able to enjoy the following benefits:

1. You’ll Have Shorter Commutes

Students usually have a long to-do list. Aside from accomplishing all of their academic requirements, which can include passing exams and doing projects with another group, they’re also expected to excel in extracurricular activities, create healthy relationships with their peers, and maintain constant communication with their families.

You’ll need a lot of time to accomplish all of these responsibilities. Being stuck in traffic every day just to go to school wouldn’t help at all. Luckily, you don’t have to experience any of these once you choose to live on campus.

One of the main reasons why more and more students are choosing on-campus housing is because this option allows them to live near their university. Because of this convenience, you won’t have to lose sleep just to wake up early to catch any bus or train. You’ll basically just have to walk or ride your bike in order to get to your earliest class. This is an easy commute, which will surely help you start your day right!

2. You’ll Experience Better Academic Outcomes

Regardless of the number of responsibilities you have on your plate, you should always prioritize studying. Your performance as a student can affect the quality of your life in the future. Usually, the better your grades are, the better the future you’ll have. If you want to experience better academic outcomes as a student, choose on-campus housing. This accommodation provides platforms for students like you to learn and study better.

When you live on campus, you’ll save more time from commuting, which can mean more time to study. Living on campus will also provide access to libraries, tutors, and student unions, which can help with any type of academic requirements. When you have an hour for a break between classes, you can easily get to your dorm and find a quiet place to study.

When you live on campus, you’ll also be surrounded by students who have the same goals and academic focus as you. Living with this kind of atmosphere will surely have a positive effect on your study habits and academic performance.

3. You’ll Have Fewer Things To Worry About

Choosing whether to live on or off-campus is an important decision to make because this can be your practice ground in becoming an adult. You’ll be living without the supervision of your parents, which means that you have to personally buy your groceries, prepare your own meals, and budget your finances effectively.

Also, unlike off-campus housing, living on campus can give you fewer things to worry about. When you pay your rent for on-campus housing, everything else is already included. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, utilities, internet connection, and other bills because the campus where you’re staying will take care of these.

4. You’ll Be Part Of A Big Community

As a student, you also need to have a social life. Being a student can be stressful, which is why you need to be surrounded by individuals who are fun and interesting. These people can become your friends, and when you have friends, surviving college can come off easier.

Being a part of a big community is something that you can experience when you start to live on campus. This accommodation gives you an opportunity to mingle with different people from different parts of the globe. This diversity can be a great platform for you to learn about different backgrounds and cultures.

On-campus housing also gives you an opportunity to widen your own social circle through clubs and activities, which are usually offered by the university. Regardless of your interests or schedule, you’ll surely find a perfect club or organization. With the number of people and organizations you can associate yourself with, it’ll be effortless to relieve yourself from stress.

Know Your Priorities

Different students will look for different things in accommodation. While some are very particular about space, others are more concerned about the amenities they can enjoy. Determine what your priorities are, so scouting for your accommodation will come off easier!