Conventional house cleaning products are dangerous for humans as well as the environment. But house cleaning is important too. When most household cleaners use a harsh cocktail of chemicals, what should you choose to sanitize your abode? Like this Tucson house cleaning service, look for greener solutions, such as vinegar, baking soda, lime juice, etc. that do not contain toxic chemicals, such as sulfates, phthalates, chlorine, ammonia, sodium hydroxide and artificial colors and fragrances. With plenty of benefits of green cleaning, you would want to opt for greener products.

Why Choose Green Cleaning

Safe for one and all

Perhaps this is the topmost reason why you should consider going green when it comes to cleaning. When you choose green cleaning supplies, your family’s exposure to chemicals will be limited. Besides, you will do the environment a good by opting for non-chemical cleaning solutions.

Green products can improve indoor air quality and help reduce certain health risks. While chemical cleaners may cause skin irritations, chemical poisoning, and eye and respiratory infections, green cleaners do not contain toxic chemicals. They use natural or biodegradable products that do not harm the environment or human health.

Most chemical cleaners are petroleum-based products. More than 95 percent of chemicals used in fragrances are petroleum-based synthetic compounds. These chemicals are believed to alter hormones and cause serious diseases. This includes neurological disorders, weakened immune system, concentration and attention problems, infertility, allergies, and disabilities.
Every time you use a conventional cleaning product, you are unintentionally subjecting your kids, pets, and loved ones to health risks.


Housekeeping is important but that does not mean exposing yourself, loved ones, and the environment to harmful chemical cleaning solutions. While harmful chemicals do you no good, they are harsh to the environment.

Contrarily, when you choose green cleaning solutions, you opt for naturally derived products made using sustainable manufacturing practices. These are believed to be non-toxic, safe, and biodegradable that do not harm the environment.
When you adopt greener cleaning habits, you make a pledge to the environment to minimize your impact the ecology and global climate.

Easier to use

Cleaning is easier and safer with natural cleaners than harsh chemical cleaners. For example, you may want to use vinegar to remove mold and mildew, clean windows, and clear stains. Vinegar and baking soda combine to make a potent natural cleaning solution for toilet bowl and tough stains.


Perhaps another top benefit of green cleaning products is that you can do it yourself. Green cleaners are easy to make with easily available ingredients in your pantry and thus easy on your wallet too.

Every home has a stock of baking soda, lemon, and vinegar, which make powerful home cleaning solutions. Apart from this, you may investing in citric acid and olive oil to do the cleaning and polishing trick for you, that too, at half the cost of chemical cleaners.

Here is the recipe to make your own all-purpose cleaner:

Make a solution with 4 cups of water, ¼ cup of vinegar, and 1/8 cup of baking soda. You do not need anything else for a spruced up space.

For bathroom cleaning, it’s always good to choose something that should smell good while being powerful on tough stains. Add a dozen drops of an essential oil to ¼ cup vinegar and pour the solution into the toilet bowl. Wait for some time for the aroma to fill your bathroom.

Deep clean

If you are still looking for green cleaning benefits, you might be surprised to find that green products can give you a deeper cleaning effect compared to conventional chemical cleaners. Traditional cleaning solutions are filled with chemicals that smell strong and mimic a true clean.

Green cleaning is important because it gives you a space that looks and smells clean, fresh, and hygienic. Make your own green furniture polish with one cup of vegetable oil and one teaspoon lemon oil. Rub the solution on your furniture with a dry rag for smooth, clean, and polishing surface.

Conservation of resources

Green is clean. Green cleaning products save natural resources. As they are renewable and biodegradable and do not deplete the ozone, green cleaning solutions preserve the world’s resources. What’s more, the production of green products does not put a burden on natural resources, unlike chemical petroleum-based cleaners.

Know the ingredients

When you opt for green cleaning solutions, you are aware of the ingredients that have gone in. Contrarily, traditional chemical cleaners are an overload of chemicals, artificial fragrances, and colors of which you are not aware. You might not be aware of how these ingredients react to your surroundings. Some are highly inflammable, while others can cause serious allergic reactions.

On the other hand, you can choose the ingredients when making a DIY green cleaner and feel rest assured that your family and environment are safe from chemicals.

All in all, the benefits of green cleaning extend to one and all. These products are safe for long-term use without causing a harm to the environment or your loved ones.