From an outsiders perspective, all one has to do is to pedal to ride a bike. The truth is cycling is far more complicated from that. One wouldn’t understand it unless you’re fully immersed in the hobby. One place you could start is to look for Bike Tour in Montreal. It could be an eye-opening experiencing and you will view cycling from a new light.

If you’ve decided to pursue cycling as a hobby, there are a couple of considerations you should be having in mind and this mini-guide is supposed to help you with the process. Once you get hooked, there is no turning back given the sense of freedom you’re likely to experience. Getting started is not as hard as it seems and you don’t have to have every equipment.

Getting The Right Bike

You won’t really get started until you have the right set of wheels. This can be a confusing process for a beginner. While any bike could be suitable, you want one that is adaptable to the road. There are some bikes that come highly recommended for beginners as they find their way around the hobby.

Picking a bike is like choosing the right size of a pair of shoe. The bike needs to be properly sized so as to enhance comfort and mobility. You should look for a bike that provides an inch of clearance between the frame and your body. Lightweight bikes that have skinny tires come highly recommended as they will help to navigate city streets and bike paths. It is also important that you look for a bike that is within your budget. Bikes are nowadays affordable and you can always upgrade once you get comfortable and you’re enjoying your new found hobby.


Once you’ve sorted the bike, the next step will be to look for the appropriate gear. One of the most important gears you can invest in is a durable helmet. This is a necessity if you’re going to be cycling for a long time. Helmets usually have a shelf life and it is not recommended to buy a used one as it might not provide the safety that is necessary. If you want to do it like a pro, you can check out cyclists’ kit which is found in most specialty stores. You could also check out forums for recommendations.

Ride Style

This will come naturally as you spend more time on the saddle. You get to discover your personal riding style and preferences. You may prefer going on solo advantages or going on bike tours. Going on bike tours help in meeting new people who share a similar passion.

Even without any external influence, you will discover that your body is more inclined towards a particular riding style. Although being an all-around cyclist is the ultimate goal, nurturing your strengths will make cycling a fun hobby that is thoroughly enjoyable.

Creating a Habit

It will be tough when you’re starting out but nothing goods even come easy. Your body will need to readjust to the new form of exercise. Forming a habit will help with the transition and you won’t see it as that much of a challenge. You will only realize true progress when you stick to your routine. You can decide to ride every morning before you go to work. Weekends can be the days for adventure where you get to discover new places. You can also participate in bike tours every so often. Setting short-term and long-term goals will help you stay focused on the hobby.

Stay Safe

It is your responsibility to ensure that you’re safe at all times. Make sure you’re wearing protective gear when riding. Staying safe goes beyond the gear. You need to also ensure you’re following traffic rules. Be mindful of other road users. Defensive cycling will come in handy as not every driver cares about the cyclists on the road. You should be aware of your surroundings at all times and there should be no assumptions. You should not be wearing earbuds or headphones when riding outdoors.

Find a Group

Although riding solo can be therapeutic, you get to learn more when you’re part of a group. You will get the motivation to ride more regularly compared to when you’re alone. There is a high chance there is a cyclist group in your city that you can join. Another great way of meeting new people is by going on bike tours.